this is how all the asylum players that play olympus will come back.

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1. rebel prestige system with perks to make money making easier and/or loadouts cheaper.

2. cartel money straight into gang bank and remove gang bank money cap (not sure if there is still one)

3. remove taxes from rebel.

4. group cap to 15 ,3 full ifrits (not so important)

5. more money making methods. stop with the crank and shit just collect,proccess and sell kind of shit.

6. rework talent system. Remove the talents that 100% of the players have , like defibing(meds), 7.62 talent and shit like that. and add more talents.





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Just now, Widsyy said:

too late mong server dead give up dreaming ty

Reality is Olympus and Asylum are near equal in terms of player count, Olympus having 20-30 more players at peak time usually.

Gang life has been on a respawn screen for longer than your Yasuo though.

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