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  1. It wouldn't surprise me if mongold clinton would.
  2. ping wont matter if they use a vpn, the ping can still show as 70, but they will lag all over the place even still simply because their ping to that vpn is high.
  3. A lot of shit talk, not a lot of evidence.
  4. in my time being an admin, I don't think I ever saw someone get removed for disciplinary reasons wrongfully. Admins get removed pretty regularly for being inactive, so unless it's that I'm inclined to believe you made a pretty big mistake. Granted, I only know small portions of the situation on one side so I can't really make up my mind on it until I do.
  5. I appreciate the work done over the past few years, but this update is truly amazing and better then what I was expecting early on. It's a great start with all the recent changes. Great job devs and whoever else in staff helped out with it.
  6. when my main man Mitchell thought every person was using pulldowns and didn't understand you could rest your gun on almost anything.
  7. i miss orcas being flying tanks tbh, shit was so fuckin fun lol
  8. The idea of having craftable mar 10's is a fine idea ASSUMING the resources required to make it match the utility of the weapon. Hypothetically if it was in the server it should cost a 2 mil+ to craft and something sort of super rare drop from a evidence lock up or something a long with a bunch of other items to make it hurt real bad whenever even the most rich players lose one. I must say the rebel talent tree was one of the best additions to the game for rebels, however most of its rewards were totally ridiculous.
  9. The oil rig cap is extremely easy to defend, the only way to really attack is by heli and if it is anything more then 1-2 guys its nearly impossible to take on. Additionally, it's rather buggy as the heli pad will sometimes eat your heli and make it blow up when just sitting on it landed. If we wanna keep it in the game and only allow the oil cartel to be there I think that's fine, as that is an isolated cartel that is far less sought after.
  10. @thero didnt this guy harass temper as a whole gang?
  11. Steve

    Gang Base V2

    i dont see much of an issue with this addition personally. would have to be feeled out in someway.
  12. Steve

    Gang Base V2

    gang forts are something i really haven't even participated in at all. Would there be a financial gain to be had here with the economy in its current state?
  13. it depends on the server you play. The main point I'm driving with 3k hours in FiveM is that the money making on a good server is going to be interactive and fun. It has that important replay-ability to make it fun for a long time.
  14. What you may not be aware of or you may be forgetting is that in a good FiveM server, many of the illegal money making methods are actually fun. This is no fault of Asylum as Arma is far more limited in terms of what they can do for content with that kinda shit. Arma money making in a server with no mods is basically gather > process > sell. You could argue that there is a lot of that in FiveM too but its typically much more interactive while also not being boring. I should be clear in saying that interactive does not at all mean fun inherently. When a money making method is fun AND interactive it has a lot more longevity in terms of how long people enjoy it.
  15. The reasons cops have been losing federal events is the same as its always been. Everyone knows cops have a disadvantage in terms of guns(mainly), skill, and more recently then anything their numbers. Beforehand what made winning a fed was that you had 10 rebels vs. 15-20+ cops consistently. With endless waves it provided a much bigger challenge then it does now. As of now, you mainly see 4-8 cops on, and on the weekends or when a LT+ is on you might see 12. Bare in mind 12 is not the norm. I'd like to emphasize on the skill portion of it which frankly few cops have a problem accepting. Additionally, I'd like to add that PD has always had a pretty bad leadership problem. Higher ups either don't play (or maybe there isn't enough of them I can't say for certain) and I say that because the last 40-50 hours I've played have consistently shown that. Within that leadership problem, there has been a longstanding issue with cops not using good strategy. There has been a group of people that played rebel in the recent past, and the moment they log onto cop they dominate the other rebels.
  16. It can't be that hard to blow up the hemmt or spawn camp it. I would say as long as a cop dies at the mobile hq and he can't spawn there for 3~ minutes or whatever it is afterwards it should be fine. Honestly, I think cops having vans to use at the fed and prison is far more of an advantage.
  17. Steve

    Come back

    oh no you hit the trump button on bonnor
  18. I believe dude is most likely indeed a cheater but if he was getting shot through the ac vent that can happen because the vent absorbs what would be damage to you. arma is weird in that way sometimes you still get 1 shot through it.
  19. Steve

    Fed payouts

    I've been saying for a while that police presence directly correlates to server activity and overall balance. Think about how much more difficult it is for rebels to get their drug runs in when there's 12 cops on. The lack of police is a key overlooked factor in people having too much money. Here is my suggestion to fix this as a test run and believe me I know it sounds very out there but I think it has some merit. Get 20-25 cops on board with playing every day they can for the next month throughout as many different times of the day as possible. The goal being to keep at least 8-10 cops on through most hours of the day. Doing so may kick start a population hike for the server, but also show us that there needs to be some kind of incentive for people to play cop that is not currently here. People will often times blame the higher ups for not being active enough and what not. I'm sure there is truth in that SOME of the higher ups don't play as much as they should as that is quite literally how it has always been. I would say this is part of the problem, but not the sole reason. Regardless, I invite the higher ups to try and sort of rally the rest of the lower ranking cops to give this a fair shot and see where it goes.
  20. if anything is decided give a 30 day notice before it takes effect to give everyone a fair shot at doing whatever they gotta do.
  21. My toaster is doing fine thank you
  22. In the interest of appealing to people with lower to lower-middle end PC's I would recommend limiting the rain to time frames less then 45 minutes or so. I agree that it sometimes just makes the game look a little more interesting and can be a good change of pace. however, it still can hurt performance for those people with older PC's. it would make no difference to me and I'm sure with my new machine it would be a subtle difference if any. Just trying to be conscious of small changes with a large potential negative impact.
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