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  1. i dont need to know the name of a cheat to see that the guy is locking on the heads of cops. ive played this game long enough to know how the movement and guns work if he ever links the montage again i will gyazo the obvious ones. tried to find it but guess what. its removed from the forums xD!
  2. what makes you think i know the names of arma cheats? lol
  3. addon had obvious aimlock on his montage and he didnt get banned. there is no point trying to get anyone banned when the admins are retarded
  4. Nightfury


    roses are red violets are blue
  5. Nightfury

    o7 boys

    who? no who asked... l8r bud. will still send skribbl.io links on steam.
  6. zes 20cps no autoclicker. ladies watch out man knows how to use his fingers
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