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  1. we are talking about money making retard
  2. so all the teaser videos and shit was just a new money making method? idk what to say...
  3. when v2 actually come out:
  4. make ownership start at 1%+ no contested bullshit pretty much just fucking copy olympus cartels dude(except the range)
  5. you were the guy sucking dick online to join an arma 3 gang. i dont think 8% body fat will get you laid bud. try being less of a fag and u might have a chance
  6. dude that happened like a month ago and you remember every single detail of what happened. your life must be very interesting
  7. hes been playing some half life 2
  8. ok you quote tryhard with this comment bellow and you say that he poled on making bank payout depending on cop population If its made so payout is determined by cop population you will never see banks/feds like are you trolling us? and also ur the guy who though it was a good idea to make claiming vehiles the 75% of its original price... you are changing things that dont need hanging witch is exactlly what previus ownership was doing and killed the servers. honestlly idk who made you a dev, but he made a mistake
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