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  1. Exact location, exact clothes, exact scene, proves everything, im not uploading another video for your woulda shoulda couldas. You are just coping...
  2. ALl you need to go back to your motherland africa.
  3. In arma we are all equally worthless
  4. I was one with the liquor and wasted but somehow these cops were wayy drunker than i was.
  5. At the beginning i suicided at the jail when i did my time. Are you saying after i was arrested, after brought to HQ and then jailed, after 5 minutes that i was previously shooting from my house? Even if i was. its far past initiation time, rp ended and they were flashing my house while in jail. Heres a gif from the video to prove you wrong https://gyazo.com/5ceb8a7d28b9f11c4c240039437adaf6
  6. My favorite part is when they rdm'd me for having a legal gun and doing nothing wrong.
  7. you are allowed to flash bang empty houses now?
  8. https://streamable.com/pm72h9 Was released from jail, respawned in my home to find a bunch of cops trying to blow it up for no reason, harassed and rdm'd. Sorry bout the music, was in the background...
  10. bump and also totally open to any offers
  11. Old mission file would need to be massively updated, just not feasible from what i can see
  12. Thats where i fell in love with asylum, wish you would bring it back. It would fill out a second server nicely. question is how many people will it pull...
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