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  1. How about we just don't do this shit at all and find another way to address hording houses, cause this is not the right way to do it for sure. Bad enough someone pays 5mil for a home then gotta spend 1mil a month in upkeep. (No Idea the actual price haven't been on in around a month.)
  2. Well then, congrats. @bbgreg17, @Ken.
  3. A lot of dedicated community members who've been around for a long time that helped shape asylum the way it is now will likely not return after a wipe. A lot of time has went into the build up of homes, possessions, stats, etc. On the other hand a wipe could bring new active faces around and give them a opportunity to be at even grounds to grow. My personal vote is "No" though.
  4. No... we have a FiveM server being worked on now. Though it’s a KOTH which will likely be more successful, if it’s not they will probably progress it to an RP server.
  5. TeamSpeak is much more organized for things that we do in the server especially for APD/AFD. There is no reason to push people to using discord. It has been this way for as long as I know and should continue to be this way. Also If your APD complaining about this, ask for private discord channels or something don't see any issues with keeping APD in TeamSpeak as the primary platform. Not that APD/AFD Higher ups don't already have private channels.
  6. The legitimate complaint isn’t them meat-shielding exactly, more of the meat-shield they are using is bulletproof. Do you not see an issue with someone having an encounter head on with someone who can shoot your through that player but you can’t shoot them back? If I restrain a player in Athira and someone grabs them and you run into them and they start blasting you aren’t going to be able to kill them due to the bulletproof meat shield. Understand yet? Unfair, unbalanced. Also someone claimed it’s an exploit, you are incorrect as per the admin team it is perfectly fine to do.
  7. So let me get this straight, if I’m correct your saying that cops shouldn’t do it because it’s broken and gamebreaking but civilians should be able to do it? You claiming the server is broken but are against fixing blatantly broken things? Your an odd one if that is your argument.
  8. You that upset over a group of players in a game? You’re a sad individual. Like I said only a recommendation as it’s a game breaking ordeal.
  9. This is the suggestions forum. It was suggested to help anyone including rebels/civs/bh who’ve also had to deal with the issue. Grow a set and stop talking shit online.
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