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  1. Got this dope screeny with the man himself 王 Ari Petrou 王 before I was executed by his mate to their god or whatever it was they killed me for.
  2. dont look half bad, if they were two colors instead of the only one id think it could look nice
  3. Happened to me to, relog fixed it for me,. pretty funny bug though
  4. I made it in like 30 mins lmao It's a placeholder until I can make a better one.
  5. ISLAMIC UNION The Islamic Union is a gang located on Server 3 with goals and dream of a Islamic Altis. Their number one priority is showing opposition and resistance against the corrupted APD and their associates. A revolution of the Altis Government is what they are trying to spark to gain power and take it for Allah. Anyone who's attempts to get in their way will be punished but The Islamic Union is open to alliances and partnerships. Requirements - 500+ Arma 3 Hours - - Age: 15+ (No Exceptions) Must Be Mature - - Must Change In-Game Name To Something Arabic/Islamic Followed Up With An Accent - - Knowledge Of How Asylum Life Works And The Server Rules - - Must Be A Team Player - Application Current In-Game Name: ISUM Name (New Arabic/Islamic Name): Age: Location/Timezone: Steam Profile URL: Arma 3 Hours: Asylum Experience: Previous Gangs: Why Do You Want To Join The Islamic Union: What Can You Bring To The Islamic Union: *PM Abdul Al Hamas You're Application*
  6. I accidentally clicked it on mine, I thought I was buying a mag...
  7. FAA would be cool, I break all the air laws anyways so... but someone being on standby that controls the air system would be cool.
  8. In my opinion, I think that would be dumb. If there would be an APD Airforce then to balance it they would have to let players buy either AA equipment or allow for weapons on aircraft. If there was AA launcher you wouldn't even be able to fly anywhere w/o being shot down buy a player with AA, it would eliminate the point of even using helicopters for supply runs and drug runs. If weapons were allowed on aircraft, everyone would buy a jet and arm it to the teeth with whatever they could put on it and RDM would be worse since there would be players gun running other who are just trying to drive somewhere. Also again it would ruin the point of using helicopters are transportation because there would be so many armed jets in the air that helicopters wouldn't be able to fly. If there was a APD Airforce and there was no balance then people would say it's unfair and it's very possible for the server(s) population to decrease. What would be cool though is a air unit that either enforces speed or is used for recon/transportation. I've only once seen a APD helicopter used as transport for other officers, never have I seen it used as it resource to follow and track anyone.
  9. Thank you very much I highly appreciate that!
  10. Hells ya, I'm down for the F/A-181 Black Wasp. Maybe we can get a few different skins for it as well since the A-143 Buzzard has only the white skin.
  11. So in the servers the two available planes for purchase are the Caesar BTT and the A-143 Buzzard. I own both planes and it does get a little bit boring with only being able to use the same two planes over and over. I love flying in Arma 3 and the Caesar is a simple prop plane that isn't very fun or visually pleasing and the A-143 Buzzard as much as I love it is not very fast or maneuverable. The A-149 Gryphon flies under the speed of sound with a max speed of 1024 km/h making it legal to fly. If I would put a price tag on it I'd say $200,000. If you have not seen a Gryphon before this is what it looks like. If a developer sees this and can put this into the server I would be extremely grateful!!!
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