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  1. record it and report them?
  2. Yeah I follow @kryptonthegamer‘s HIIT. Sometimes I wrestle gorillas for a good workout
  3. I mean no point in downing someone you would die trying to restrain in a 3v6. The point of lethals is to get someone out of a fight when it’s unreasonable to restrain them.
  4. Batcan


    Love the new profile picture @thero @Revenant @Space
  5. facts I don't think anyone cares about the 1.6k you get from lethaling a 100k bounty.
  6. If you don’t like the way the server is, play another one. Go play koth or another game. Why are you making a post in the first place other to complain? You are saying that you never suggested a rule change, so what do you want? Clearly you care about the server or you wouldn’t spend so much time replying to this thread.
  7. Only the Shikra and technically the black wasp even though it's max speed is less than the speed of sound.
  8. The jets aren’t even capable of reaching supersonic speeds without diving
  9. Can it even be called a montage? A one star from me
  10. I copy and pasted the DS recruitment page and changed nothing
  11. so should I unlearn my current ones orrrrrr is it gone forever and ever
  12. I drink blood, pull up and get slaughtered
  13. We drink and play on Asylum. Mainly on Server 4 We are also a Clash of Clans guild. Stellar Inc #29QU8YJOU Requirements: Minimum 100 Hours (Screenshot Required) Must be 17 or older. Must be able to support yourself money wise. Have Teamspeak and a working mic Must Follow all of Asylum Server Rules Roster: Head Clansmen: @Tyrese @Dom:) @Marzoh @Batcan Elder Clansmen: @TRYHARD @Lucien @Samperino @Gen. Henry Arnold @Azeh Clansmen: @Donald Clinton (Tyrese kicked you from discord thinking you were @Dick Romney) @Infamous [FULL SEND] @wollie35 @Revenant @EthanS @WolfLeader @Sikorsky @Flameless @Bandit @Erik @Sterling @Xehons Application Format In Game Name: Age: Are you a member of the APD (rank): Have you been banned on Asylum? If so how long and what for?: Any previous Gangs:
  14. And what happens to the honor we currently have put into talents, is it reverted to points?
  15. A fellow believer. Thank the lord
  16. I'm tired of vdming some random naked and getting moved in asylum ts and yelled at.
  17. I see what he means and I'm not sure why no one else has thought of this. What if whitelist bounty hunters, maybe have them log on as bluefor and have a ranking system that gets better gear, and also have guidelines for them to follow. I say we call it the Dual Investigation Core Kingdom or DICK for short.
  18. Give us the ability to pull cars from there. I miss pulling out .50 cals and mowing down the kid who gave me 1k off my half ticket for turning myself in.
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