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  1. Bro now tea has my houses lmfao
  2. Bro no ones reading that
  3. You were one of my role models man. Really hurts to say goodbye
  4. Really looked up to you man, sad to see you go.
  5. Updates on this @Leady?
  6. Pls stop fan boying me and @SharingWriter with the predator missile names. I am Predator Missile and Sharing is Hellstorm missile. I’ll give you permission to be SR 71 Guided Missile or Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk.
  7. I think @Smee used to own this shed but he sold it to @Alec-I, and Alec made it the FSA gang shed, but when he got banned @Bag Of Funyuns bought it, but I’m not sure who owns it now.
  8. Always thought of you as a role model and good player, shame you were cheating the whole time.
  9. Even the NA’s know the EUs would win.
  10. Please tell Tiffany to stop leaving me on open. I don’t want to send her 15 snaps on a row without a response
  11. @Rodrigo and @Sean That Irish Guy know my blackjack hardships in the earlier days. All I’m saying is I figured out the system and @Lucien and @Lorax can vouch I made a killing over there.
  12. This guy cheats on cs and arma 3 would watch out for him
  13. wow fuck you, stop harassing my fellow lgbtq+ members
  14. shouldve stopped at 1, jk love to see the DS boys prosper
  15. this is the 10th time something like this is posted on the forums, and it has not once been funny.
  16. @Rodrigo please help this guy out
  17. Batcan


    Me and jimbo are not low life’s
  18. Batcan


    @Mitch (IFRIT) you know how to stop it. @Jimbo
  19. @TRYHARD you want the explicit gang house back?
  20. Someone please lock this thread or ban the people with the shit spongebob pictures.
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