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  1. This would be cool too
  2. can I please be taken off mod queue it has been 4 years
  3. We specialize in true factions gameplay. Unfortunately, @JIMBOand I were coinflip and cane legends but retired. @Zurphand @Elements bore witness.
  4. b and g would make sense
  5. Hmm, maybe. I'm not sure if I want a bunch of scripters ruining my experience
  6. Always knew this guy was rotten. @RoguePilotam I eligible for an unblacklist now?
  7. The meat riding is crazy
  8. @kingofcanada I fully trust Billy when it comes to knowledge of unhealthy breathing. You will probably never find someone who has dealt with it more. However, if you are looking for a diagnosis from a medical expert, I'd direct you to board-certified doctor and professional fighter @JIMBO.
  9. You think you know a guy... Wow @DS_Billy
  10. Bro now tea has my houses lmfao
  11. Bro no ones reading that
  12. You were one of my role models man. Really hurts to say goodbye
  13. Really looked up to you man, sad to see you go.
  14. Updates on this @Leady?
  15. Pls stop fan boying me and @SharingWriter with the predator missile names. I am Predator Missile and Sharing is Hellstorm missile. I’ll give you permission to be SR 71 Guided Missile or Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk.
  16. I think @Smee used to own this shed but he sold it to @Alec-I, and Alec made it the FSA gang shed, but when he got banned @Bag Of Funyuns bought it, but I’m not sure who owns it now.
  17. Always thought of you as a role model and good player, shame you were cheating the whole time.
  18. Even the NA’s know the EUs would win.
  19. Please tell Tiffany to stop leaving me on open. I don’t want to send her 15 snaps on a row without a response
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