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  1. https://gyazo.com/c9eb2337be1a303366adbd55deb9b03a Sneeze 3 on top with the god tier coinflipping. Birb took an L
  2. Batcan

    Staff Updates

    dude can I get second lt already
  3. Batcan

    Staff Updates

    no longer will people be banned for the n word.
  4. Bada will always be the best there ever was. No snow flake shit under his reign. The new owner @Mitch (IFRIT) is gay pretty sure.
  5. Just like with cartels people get tired of fighting the same thing over and over.
  6. Batcan

    meth house

    I’d click on a link from @SharingWriter before this
  7. can we get an unban on this guy?
  8. wait... he had to stick that shit in his ass and suck it in to do that.
  9. Wdym you have 3 mill offer
  10. Vote 3 if you aren’t gay
  11. Nah he’s just a new player we know from other games tired of people thinking he’s some ban evader
  12. sneeze 3 without a doubt
  13. https://hiplatina.com/andrea-arruti-dead/amp/ R.I.P. Spanish Elsa
  14. If you look to the left you can see part of the prison walls
  15. Kavala is one of my most favorite places to roleplay at. Me and @STON3COLDK1LL3R will be deeply saddened if this change is made.
  16. Had black mk1s in my house before the sub system and now I can’t pick them up if I drop them or put them in a car after taking them out of the house
  17. At least it used provably fair
  18. I remember there was at one point a website made for asylum cash gambling, but @Mitch (IFRIT) wouldn't allow it.
  19. Is that a 2 bedroom 1 bathroom? Good shape for such an old house.
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