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  1. When can we get rebel ladders to go into HQ while on lockdown Kappa
  2. Oh yeah, Cops definitely don't have anything that gives them and advantage over rebels, especially not free gear...
  3. In-game name: Miss Turtle Age: 17 Arma 3 hours (screenshot): https://gyazo.com/f6a0de225f79e0f32355362e1216f178 Location/Timezone: Michigan / EST Past/Current Gangs: Peach Street, No Mercy Bank Balance: $464,048 Do you have a working mic? Yes Why do you want to join Acheron ? I heard it was a positive gang that is active. What can you bring to Acheron ? Support and homemade cookies. Are there any current members who can vouch for you? Doswolf
  4. You forgot one thing. Let's allow cops to use 3rd party. Oh wait.....
  5. As if fucking cops weren't OP as it is. All you do is authorize lethals. At least make civs as OP as cops. Hey, we want free loadouts too! Let's just make Asylum even more dead! Wooo! Fuck off! Everyone who says "I like that idea!" sucks Durga's dick so....
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