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  1. the only thing driving cartel fights is self ego, you get nothing else out of it except side chat shit talk rights
  2. give him a couple weeks he will be back
  3. Would be a good idea but they should not be easy to obtain
  4. Don’t you have a boat to be on with your blondes
  5. dude wtf I was going to use this song in my next fraggy
  6. If this is true then I think his hours to skill ratio is more fucked than @william‘s
  7. you’re just shit didnt watch btw
  8. i would expect my biggest fan to have his facts correct
  9. goyney

    trump 2020

    wouldn't surprise me to see you running for president given the standards
  10. how, im not a contributor anymore anyway
  11. Why do you care mida is a nice person be nice back fag
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