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  1. Massive slap in the face to the people that have spent hundreds and still haven’t got them. I have made granits for APD, I’ll see if they can be put in next patch
  2. Don’t worry, if they aren’t bad at cheating they won’t get caught unless they raise suspicion and they get spectated. Oh wait, admins don’t spectate on Asylum. This doesn’t fix anything.
  3. how much extra does the Indian charge a month to access windows movie maker?
  5. if you see my man dressed like a snowman switch to passenger and stay there
  6. down so bad you are exploiting through walls, sort it out tucka
  7. ‘co-op vs ai’ more like a bot match
  8. why do you want your name on this crap wtf
  9. goyney

    game freezes

    Only William would find a windows reset difficult
  10. goyney

    game freezes

    man hasn’t reset his windows since he got the PC like 6 years ago and wonders why his game runs like shit
  11. we'll not get started about yours more keyboard sounds than kills
  12. don't think I can manage the 5km dash unfortunately
  13. read it again, you're lost
  14. What if a group leader could request their group to be flagged as KOS (kill on sight) for cops at events, meaning anyone in the group would be lathaled rather than downed by the APD. Intention would be that those who just want to fight and not have to spend time being processed can start their new life faster. The request would be sent to the highest ranking officer (corporal+ maybe) to be accepted Once accepted, the group is flagged as KOS for APD (possibly some sort of icon on player tag to confirm this) This will last for the duration of the event Bounties are paid out in full and split between the officers online when a member of the group is lethaled, and the bounty is cleared. The civ is charged a % of their bounty as a fee for the disposal of their body when lethaled (alternative consequence to serving prison time) I know there will be arguments about the absence of RP in this scenario but these events are short and officers have plenty of opportunity to RP whilst patrolling.
  15. are you sure about that? there’s some dodgy Chinese players in Dragons
  16. Stop roaching with 50cals and mini guns and people might fight you, freak
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