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  1. I can't fucking believe this. Bring back my damn crafting quests. I'm tryna run a damn business here
  2. Can y'all stop nerfing the hell out of crafting? Bring back the 25% discount please. I'm tryna run a business here
  3. Guns? Grenades? Armor? Scopes? You want it, I got it. Contact me on Discord for pricing, placing orders, or any questions! MileHighBarkin#5572 Additional Services: Transport: 100k Base price for delivery of goods. Depends on the difficulty of the landing zone. (Insurance not included) Insurance: 200k: If anything happens, I'll refund you the lost product, otherwise, all sales are final! Expedited Order Fulfilment: 100k: Your order will be fulfilled in 24-48 hours. Normal fulfilment times are between 5-10 days. Payment upfront!
  4. Thank you for proving my point. Now go suckle on your mommy's tits kid, but I probably already milked her dry, sorry.
  5. Welcome back, but I advise you stay away from this toxic cesspool of racist retards. You're better off staying as far away as you can from this shithole. It'll only make you a worse person.
  6. This isn't a normal real estate listing, take the time to read this post thoroughly and please reach out if you have any questions. The LSD Compound: -Two, 3c Long Houses with LEAD Containers - 50 sheets per restart (Market value $1,000,000) -One, 1c house for 25 more sheets per restart (Currently available on the open market if you wish to expand) Images: Ground View Map View Landing Strategy Strategic Overview: Pill production: I recommend hiring rats; they will gladly AFK gather Fungi and process pills for $50-100k/hour. If you prefer to do it solo, here are some times I've recorded for an upgraded Van run without Drug Cartel: (Best practice is to fly to Agios garage and pull a van there, hence the Agios to fungi time) Sale Strategy: Turf Drug Dealer Distances (dealer takes fee if turf is not owned) Zaros: 8.4 km Rodopoli: 12.6 km Panagia: 18 km My gang always owns Panagia. Which makes it a very desirable sale location. I Safely Land in the compound, load up, and fly out. It's an easy 350k (w/o bust bonus) per 18km trip. Disclaimer: Not recommended for rookie pilots. Also do not sell to city drug dealers! Included with the purchase: Two fully upgraded 3c (w/lead container). One optional 1c to increase production per restart. Expert assistance from yours truly. On your request, I'll demonstrate the process and thoroughly explain everything I know about this compound. I will help you sell in the safety of our turf drug dealers. (Three times for free, the rest will include a small safety fee) Couple miscellaneous loadouts 5 MK-1s for defense Asking price: $4,000,000 for the entire compound. I am selling the convenience of an easy passive income machine, not just the houses. I am willing to negotiate/trade. I am currently looking for end-game meth houses! Note: This is a bundle, do not send offers for a singular home. Feel free to DM, post below, or reach out on Discord: MileHighBarkin#3818 Thank you for your interest.
  7. Major price drop! $969,000 Feel free to send legitimate offers to my PMs.
  8. This two crater is literally the largest and closest purification house you can find. Currently listed for: $969,000 $1,420,000
  9. Fix this fucking bullshit at North Rebel already, I'm sick and tired of my anti-torque getting destroyed every time I pull this bitch out. How did this make it past QA? Oh wait, there is no QA.
  10. That meth three crater is looking spicy. I'll offer a preliminary 1.69 mil for it. I'll reach out on Discord as well.
  11. If anybody wants the home right this moment, the price is 6.9m. (DM me and I'll list it for you) Or the cheaper option: you can wait till I no longer need it. At which time, I'll host an auction starting at 3m. Only drawback: idk when that'll be.
  12. I bought it for myself at $2m, but if an enthusiastic buyer really wants it, I'm open to offers I can't refuse. (this would probably mean a minimum of 4-5mil). Thank you for your interest.
  13. I kinda wanna keep it, but for the right price, it could be yours: Shoot me some offers below
  14. All the other major cities have an Air Shop within a couple kilometers. It would be great if we could get an Air Shop near Pyrgos... you know, the place where half the playerbase spawns after serving their prison time? Would be awesome to be able to drive to a near-by Heli Garage right after prison. Or, the existing airshop at Skiptracer should be accessible to all civs. What do you guys think? and don't say some dumb shit like "just drive 6.8kms on the shittest road in the server and go to rebel"
  15. The number of times this has screwed me over... Thank goodness y'all added this
  16. yooooo nice shots. you were rippin mfkers out
  17. Lame shit, just add Asylum content instead. Server's dead and boring.
  18. SOLD! 2c Abdera Listed for $1,250,000. $969,000 Forums price: $969,000 $750,000 (If you contact me on here) Only 600 meters away from spirit distillery. This is a great additional aging house for established brewers and a perfect house for those just getting started. House comes with no upgrades.
  19. @Rastislav Andreyavich Hey man, are you going to be on soon? I would like to list the house for you ASAP. I gotta get off for a few hours soon.
  20. Holy fuck, what a shit show this thread was. I'm just trying to sell a house y'all. Yes, I'll list it for $2,000,000. Just let me know what time you want me to reduce the price so somebody else doesn't snag it from you. I'll be on pretty much all day today until 12am EST.
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