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  1. $0BER $QUAD Requirements: Minimum 200 Hours (Screenshot Required) Must be at least 15 years of age (Exceptions). Must be able to support yourself money wise. Must be active on the Server (Almost Daily). Have Discord and a working mic Must Follow all of Asylum Server Rules Application Format In Game Name: Age: Time Zone: Steam Profile: Hours (Screenshot): Have you been banned on Asylum? If so how long and what for?: Why do you want to join Sober Squad?: Any previous Gangs:
  2. @massi Ill buy s2 athira long house
  3. In-Game Name- The_Conman Age- 16 Arma Hours(Screenshot)- https://gyazo.com/2a003e6418239bedfc485bf8f00e8bea Banked Money- 63k Have you ever been Banned?- yes for duping Current/Past Gangs- Reliance, MuffinSS Do you have a Mic/Teamspeak?- Yes What's your interest in joining Drunk Squad?- Friend in gang + looking for an active group of people
  4. this is bs i keep getting killed with the whole sever because of hackers

  5. and I wasn't even at the bank i was on a different roof
  6. Hours in Arma 3 (screenshot): : Age:14 almost 15 Timezone: Pacific Standard Time Previous Gangs: synthetic, extremist, elite militia Why do you want to join Titan?: I have seen you on S2 and I love your combat skills, I could bring a good pilot and I am a good long ranged sniper,
  7. In-Game Name: The Conman Age: 14 almost 15 Estimated Asylum Time: 235 Bank Balance: 1mil Have you ever been banned? yes Do you have a mic and TeamSpeak? Yes Current and Past Gangs? Elite Militia, The Extremist, What do you have to offer i.e. skills, etc.? I'm great with communication, and a good shot. I can help in any way I'm needed
  8. yes i am very serious and just because im not 16 and im a little squeaker
  9. In-Game Name:The Conman Age:100 Estimated Asylum Time:10000-20000 Bank Balance:20000000000000k plus Have you ever been banned?yes,because I killed a group of devs and admins Do you have a mic and TeamSpeak?yesbut was banned by Johnathan on the teamspeak sever Current and Past Gangs? Elite Militia, The extremist, What do you have to offer i.e. skills, etc.?I am a very good sniper
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