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  1. @Gen. Henry Arnold http://gaming-asylumwiki.com/wiki/Getting_Started
  2. great work! how'd you record like that?!
  3. I had Author's hair and beard growing the entire time I played RDR2. So as he got ill, he started to look like a sickly old man, and towards the end I felt so much pity for him. I am real glad I grew his hair and beard because I don't think I would've felt as bad if Author looked handsome and well groomed. RDR2 has to be the only game I played where you start off in your prime and progression only makes things worse. You expect improved conditions, but as you move along, things start falling apart. Rockstar really told an amazing story here. Another thing I would like to add is that I read an article where they stated only 40% of players progressed past chapter 3! The article says this is probably due to the lack of rewarding progress in the game. Early on, everything is already accessible to you, not much changes other than new locations and more storytelling. Rockstar didn't want a progression-reward type game like GTA, Skyrim, and Fallout. They wanted a story based game rather than a "from nothing to something" type game. If you didn't cry during this scene, you have no heart. (This is what my character kinda looked like, but with long swept-back hair)
  4. Holy shit, no fuckin way you were able to find a buyer! Easy $2,000!!
  5. @Leroy Jenkins I made the list buddy! I'm coming for you! https://gyazo.com/261515b7627f77ebc91bd8623cd0c548
  6. This is definitely the Orca pilot's fault. In DS's video, you can clearly see a right 45-degree bank causing their rotor to clip in to the tail rotor of the Hummingbird. Only reason both aircraft didn't go down is because of sync issues. https://gyazo.com/295d13fb67b14d0ece79dc9aec8f356b
  7. And you think oil is worth your time? Brother just do scotch or meth like the rest of us. or governor and real estate
  8. An FSA member actually grinding for money? That's a first.
  9. I want more information on the Athira house
  10. OHHHH I am stupid as hell! hahaha I thought you meant the listing that he posted was a year old. I didn't realize you meant this thread!
  11. @massi lol why did you randomly quote my response?
  12. https://gyazo.com/fc22420fa5e4e929feda50541b0c88aa Top one and bottom right houses are 120k 3 crater long houses. The one on the bottom right would be your best bet in terms of price negotiation. Top left is full of my barley so its more expensive than normal until I sort out the storage issue. Both are listed, but let me know if you want to negotiate or something.
  13. Server: 2 Located in Athria Pricing Overview: [Map] [Listed] House 1: 70k. Located just behind on the corner of a busy intersection in Athira. Perfect place to hide from cops and civilians. [Map View] [Front View] Price 269k [Listed] House 2: 150k. Located strategically between the Athira DMV and Athira Gunstore. Acts as a perfect chokepoint house. People expect to run straight through the house, but if you lock one door they will get trapped in the house and be required to run around. Nobody expects you to own it until they run through the doors and you lock the doors behind them. Easily trap cops if you leave the doors unlocked as you run through it. Watch link video below to see the Chokepoint Demonstration. In the video you can see me going in the house and exiting to go all the way around when I find out its locked. House also comes with Gunstore View and DMV View. Since this home is a strategic chokepoint, the price reflects the various perks of the house. [Map View] [Front View] [Gunstore Window View] [DMV Window View] [Chokepoint Demo Video] Price 725k All prices are negotiable! Thank you for your interest in my homes.
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