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  1. hahaa ty bro thank u bratko
  2. wow thats kinda harsh
  3. So me and Montana had been playing on each other acc's before and now I got his ban on my main. Since we've both played on the same acc I think it is IP sharing or smth, so I get his ban. :3 No more Asylum I guess
  4. Wow this a memorial u shiter , get out u hater Indeed sir.
  5. Nah chief , not this time
  6. hihi, shit happens man ! hahaha, nah man if Montanas gone im gone bruh
  7. Free Montana man. Today we say our goodbye to Mr Montana, the PERM got him this time, he went down the hard way. He tried some illegal tricks and poof he went gonzo. The Gunna and Montana legacy ends here. @OG Montana
  8. I have no idea what this means, and I am even more confused on why you put my age there, like that’s kinda going to prove smth
  9. haahahahaha +1 men! they are the annoying kavala rats that ruins everyones day
  10. Syria (user) and (Crazy) them twoooo
  11. ah lmao , didnt know , well yeah im not surprised they are weird and annoying
  12. Can we just agree that syria is the most annoying and most boring two nerds on the server It's actually sad how much they cry when shit dont go their way
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