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  1. I want the game now get ready for my wonderful essay on utter nonsense: Wittgenstein's Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus is a baffling little book. Through 526 numbered propositions, Wittgenstein addresses the most crucial questions in logic and language, and—as he put it in the Preface to the text—finds the “final solution” to all philosophical problems.1 In the seventy-five years since its initial publication, there have been many interpretations of the text. The three main readings of the text are, what I will call: the positivist reading, the standard reading, and the reso
  2. its simple mathematics, the centripetal force caused by your drift was too strong, therefore when colliding with the rock all the momentum transferred to the rock, which busts up your engine and causes the thermal energy in the engine to skyrocket, this causes an explosion in the car which has direction force upwards which is stronger than gravitational force, meaning that you would go flying away. honestly idk wtf I wrote but ye arma physics are too good to exist
  3. Thank you all for your criticism it delights me that you all enjoyed the video, expect more to come yes i know its shit thats the objective
  4. tbh if you put singing to this or rapping or anything it would ruin it, just like that is great
  5. I think I found his secondary account
  6. it's always happened that when you shoot the engine of the ifrit with a mk.1 it tends to snap on to the driver's head, nothing shady
  7. that was a very dangerous contact performed by your IFRIT towards that Qilin, it is astonishing that you continue to live with the way you drive in such a volatile manner, shame on you
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