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  1. why you selling @Heidelberghouses?
  2. Selling kavala 1c & 2c, 1c is directly connected with kavala gunstore. 2c is right next to old bh office building. Offer or buy for the price it is up for
  3. Stupid hei ren @manhua
  4. Wts Syrta Garage Offer
  5. WTS Zaros Shed Good Shed for doing stuff with Offer please
  6. https://discord.gg/7Dt8JYdz
  7. - Selling Houses - Requesting Houses - Renting Houses Check out our discord! Where we have homes for sale listed, list your home options, and even a player trading market! https://discord.gg/7Dt8JYdz
  8. Not if u convert the objects to a simple object, that will basicly allow u to have as many small props as u want without creating any major fps drops
  9. Shoutout to my ni Lucien for the epic gasstation idea!!
  10. Could have just made a community contest or something instead of letting a career cop thats never been in kavala redesign and massacre the whole town
  11. Revert kavala to its original form, this shit is waaaayyy to crowded and retarded.
  13. Comp system is broken anyways, some admins say comp doesnt matter and ban anyways while some say comp does matter.
  14. Hes a furry, i dont know what more you can expect from him
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