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  1. The contract system is the main idea of the post, might be more utilized if a contract can be placed on a group/gang. Might help gangs with less people/ less people online hire some help against enemy gangs. EX: Put a contract out on DH/TCF/TERR. Each kill is 10k, max of X whatever the money put down is. Some extra hired guns on a group or just one person.
  2. Minus the issue of attachments do you have any thoughts on the other stuff
  3. @Marksmen scope only option is really the DMS from vanilla. 2-4x… even with that?? I’m not sure if 4x would be balanced enough given its ability to zero well. May be an L for MKSM scope unless there’s a way to modify it
  4. I get free 9mm SMG suppressors on cop brother, I’m advocating for the civs. Like I said just suggestions, I’m more interested in a player economy bounty system where civs can use their millions in different ways. Ran some of these ideas past a few people, got some good feedback, but I’m aware suppressors are a touchy subject that’s why I’m here to iron out the kinks
  5. 5.56 then, I figured it would be cool to have the CMR as the “MK” of CNTR
  6. TLDR players can put money on each others heads, players can take contracts to either kill or capture another player. Ex: 100k for anyone who brings Repto alive to X location, or to a skip tracer like red zone where they turn him in and the captured target is available to be picked up by the person who put the money down for a certain amount of time. (This is just an idea. Taking them alive might step on BH toes too much) more importantly, murder Ex: 50k for Repto’s head. Contract is paid upon death of Repto once medic timer expires and he respawns. Executing them is immediate payout instead of waiting 5m. (maybe both target and contractor are automatically red upon contract acceptance for dead targets. Target is notified of who took their contract so they aren’t blindsided) Why? -Potential to be hilarious -RP elements -rich players can exercise their power more -new players can get money through a unique PVP method that doesn’t explicitly involve capture -new element of “character archetype” to switch to when doing feds, making group comps, having a contractor in unreachable on bank or first ATM while keeping armored rebels on ground level -new content to keep things fresh -New meta to building rebel teams, introducing more of the games new content/weapons into ASYLIFE -If rebels can get access to fucking RPGS, armored vehicles, and giga Chad armor, civs should be able to have access to suppressors potential limitations: -much like bounty system, unable to put a hit out on a group/gang member. -Set limit on the amount that can be placed on a players head. Alive is higher than dead due to the difficulty. -Contract payment split between group members within a certain radius, can’t farm contracts across the map or have 10 people ambush one person without the reward splitting. -If a contract isn’t closed within X days, money is returned to person who put the hit out -License/training cannot be revoked by police -no drop/cycle for selecting contracts. Don’t let players sit in front of a group of people and cycle until they get someone and then instantly murder them. Make them go to a place outside of major cities to cycle. contract board with all listed like exchange system? potential mechanics: -new charge “murder conspiracy” or “conspiracy murder” (conspiracy to commit murder shortened) automatically applied per contract put out. 7.5k maybe. Contractors get “Contract murder” for a similar price point. Maybe when a contractor has X amount of contract killings police can apply a straight to jail “murder-for-hire” or “organized murder” charge. Not too sure about that, though. Would have to be a high number before it’s S2J. -if this idea is popular enough, a contractor tree that specializes in marksmen weapons with the ultimate perk being the ability to use a low magnification sniper scope. Replaces rebel training and only usable with contractor enabled. Cannot buy one and then throw it on an MK with rebel training. My vision is low armor, high range and maybe ADR access for CQC/cities. Nitrous built into vehicles for escapes as a perk maybe? Outfit that displays no name unless restrained/killed? Just spitballing. Ghost/stealth/speed, not the force and armor of a rebel. Suppressor perk? Also doesn’t work on guns unless contract training is equipped. -Contract kills give blood money? -Untoggleable red badge on name visible to group/gang members of target. -POLICE CAN BE CONTRACTED AGAINST, Put money on that cops head that ruined your day. -LOGGING OFF ONLY SUSPENDS THE CONTRACT, no log off APB dodge here boys -Exclusive vehicles: MQ-12 Falcon? 365KPH, UAV, counter to SGT+ UAV. Has the durability of a hatchback, but is extremely fast and useful for maintaining area surveillance. Can be used to track targets. Expensive in exchange for powerful tool, takes a lot of grind to unlock. Maybe limited fuel so it can’t be used to just camp fields or important zones all day. Useful for the length of a fed event or a cartel fight. 10/15 minutes before fuel starts to become a concern. -PAH-1 a slower chopper, with limited seats, but light and also able to sling load. This would allow a solo player to bring an entry/extract ground vehicle in and out of tight spots. (This may also not be bad to look into for BH as well.) -Bicycle (or motorcycle) fuck it, man. Unlimited sprint at stealth volume. -Suppressed CMR 6.5, assassin shit, not stronger than MK1 in terms of power and pen, but a decent standup to MX and PROM variant rifles with suppressed capabilities(CMR can take a 6.5 suppressor instead of a IR/Flashlight). With a marksmen scope, not a terrible weapon if a perktree is made that includes that. -Ambush based weaponry. GIVE THEM SMOKE LAUNCHERS ON GUNS. The ability to pop smoke at both close and long ranges would be a vital piece of this kit. (create a charge for smoking crowds, shooting smoke as a nuisance.) -this is a biiiiig stretch. Borderline meme territory. .50cal stationary weapon placement. Imagine 3 MK30s set up in rebel. Easy targets, lots of pain when a group is rolling up in vehicles. However? ANTI-IFRIT/ARMOR. This could help balance the armor drop meta. They do not aim high very well so Orca drops would be safe. -designated 1-2 weapons for downing targets as to not step on BH toes. Maybe an SMG, don’t allow them the different options of a BH for downing for capturing targets alive for criminal purpose. (In my opinion BH needs more gun options((((and other tweaks..))) , but where BH gets MX, CNTR gets CMR hypothetically) -Extra honor for BHs who bring in contractor bounties, as they are essentially their antithesis. -As contractors as a money earning tool is entirely a player market base as I’ve imagined, maybe an automated system for generating the occasional general contract on a random player with higher wealth or playtime (or survival time). Not HOMEPC sitting in weed field with 10k in his bank. Best target would be campers who haven’t moved location in a long time. Not major city rats who are having fun there. -a note about marksmen scope… That shit could be OP. I leave it to you guys to think it over. If there’s a low magnification scope that my ARMA vets think wouldn’t be broken let me know. Something with more mag than our typical ACOG-Esque standard but not a 12x or night stalker. -Contractor quests/tasks… When there is no player or automated contract, needs to be shit to do to grind for potential perk points if that becomes a thing. My idea? Vehicle and weapon manufacturing as well as random contracts against enemy gang members or high bounty targets (doesn’t clear their bounty, once contract is closed they will be immune from being targeted by the system again for X time. Logic is that a mass murderer/terrorist has made some enemies along the way) -big maybe on a coding end, but special requests?? Ex: kill Ronald with a grenade for 50k extra. (Selecting “murder weapon” when setting contract) NOTE———- None of these points are what I see as necessary, just suggestions. I leave it up to the devs and community to decide what would actually work. WHY would a career cop suggest this madness? Because while I do love playing cop, I also like to see everybody having fun. Additionally, I am ready for any and all smoke including getting sniped in the face from 900m by Abu or King because I arrested Lex and refused his higherup request so he put 200k on my melon. I feel a new training classification would add a lot of diversity to the meta if done correctly, and shake up the combat meta by balancing armor (with underbarrel smoke, possibly stationary .50 cals or stationary GMGs for high price and a scroll wheel 1min-ish setup time) and granting more utility and choices to civ groups as well as a combat oriented solo experience. Civs should have access to suppressors in SOME capacity, and a contract assassin experience would be cool when paired with a player market. TLDR TLDR - Suppressors on a 6.5 and SMGs, ambush based weapons, less armor, more range, murder for hire, different “class” for PVP players looking for fresh content, player market for trolling and revenge hits If the devs think this would be feasible and balanced, I invite the community to improve or tear apart my suggestions and make it into something we’d all have fun with. -Will
  7. Guy puts a monkey nuts mag on his assault rifle and thinks he’s good Clean
  8. Sofia Skip gives a lot of coverage to east side of the map. Having a skip near Pyragos as well as Sofia feels crowded, maybe move off MSR west of Athira. Not too close to Kav, but more middle of map coverage to regear near Therisa/Athira. EDIT: or move Sofia skip
  9. Update: lowered to 750k due to lack of upgrades. Had my houses mixed.
  10. Selling building directly across the street from kav wong, 3c full storage upgrades. Starting price is 1.25m, lower than market value for area, and will negotiate for a reasonable offer.
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