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  1. im holding your playtime hostage!!!!
  2. If this the precedent. Alot of people are about to get reported for VDM i guess. Dont drive close to me all im saying Btw i have @Zurph, @Jayshawn on shadowplay hitting me with soft vehicules but nothing happened should i pull a @RoguePilot????
  3. Intent is everything here the ifrit is slowing down and turning the whole time then the quillen drives forward and its super minor contact...this was out of spite and some dms were exchange
  4. Report out of spite is the theme here. The fact that it happen to someone that isnt affected by anything. Disgusting behaviour
  5. Asylum 2020 Snowflake edition
  6. The other day zurph rammed me in my ifrit with is hatchback sport but no one died so who cares but now if you come close to me and scrape me im reporting fuck it
  7. Your my favorite person you crack me up
  8. This is the video. There is nothing else to it
  9. >rogue pilot crashes quillin >gets out to fight and unflips it >diseased already turning to get out and drop to kill rogue holds x so he doesnt ram because roguepilot got in and tried to drive away >rogue pilot dies >rogue pilot bans player for 3 day vdm This is like the 2014 forums. Content.
  10. Here is another angle. How many reports you think you can make now. Rally the people
  11. we need rogue pilot to explain his side of the story on how it affected his life.
  12. https://gyazo.com/74810779059d2b91c473875a0ae07ac6 Driving around is dangerous in 2020 on asylum. How can you be this mad .
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