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  1. Shotguns, 50.cals, suicide vest, flash grenades, arson kits, speed bombs....I think people just need to get creative lol.
  2. I've never done the mental asylum but ima say yes anyway
  3. I personally have never been a huge fan of the ifrit meta and I'd like to see what Asylum would play like if it was nerfed. The only problem is those rounds also one shot players and are pretty easy to use. It would be interesting to see players having to decide on using a MK1 versus a Type 115 tho
  4. I see no problems here
  5. I'll keep sky diving with a PDW
  6. Idc but pretty sure it makes ghost capping get out of hand
  7. I wonder how many are bought up now lol
  8. I do though? I played a couple days ago lol Not everyone plays everyday bro
  9. It's a first to see a cop trying the whole who are you thing lmfao
  10. Same can be said if the jail times are long. When they were 45 minutes, it sucked when you tried RPing with a cop for 15 - 30 minutes and didn't get a pardon. I remember always thinking that it would've just been smarter to start my sentence than waste my time explaining my charges. With the current system, it's optional and doesn't feel nearly as bad if your time got wasted. I don't want to come off as highly anti-APD but let's be totally honest and realize that PLENTY of cops robocop, bigger the bounty the more likely it is. Both sides are equally to blame about 'lack of roleplay' and I don't see how cops can sit on their high horse over RP and pretend none of them are the problem. Punishing civs for playing the game the way it is basically setup just doesn't feel good on a server that advertises itself as a light RP server.
  11. Having a 300k bounty is a straight to jail offense now. So why is it light RP for cops but not for rebels?
  12. Terrible idea that was changed for a reason The vast majority of players on Asylum do not care about the consequences and NEVER have nor ever will. People make it their goal to get the highest bounty possible and this happened even when jail times were very long. The thinking of the people ( Mostly career cops btw ) for this idea just doesn't hold up to the reality of what civs/rebels do. And again. This is a LIGHT RP server. The higher ups for the APD must think this too if they are going to instantly jail 300k bounties
  13. Idc about gang fort but having different locations will probably make it more fair...or each gang will have an advantage based on the houses they own lmfao
  14. The only problem with all this is that nobody pays tickets to begin with unless they're low. People rather wait the time out than pay off big bounties and that won't change. The economy issues Asylum is dealing with is much more to do with passive income. Given this is a light RP server, I think the current system is the most fitting. Let's be real, the entire point of civ is to go and commit crimes ( Or be a Bounty Hunter and go for bounties...and commit crimes at opportunistic times ). Part of the game is ruining other people's fun more or less for your own benefit. All factions have this ability and use it.
  15. Totally disagree with this premise. As civ the whole point is basically to go commit crimes if you want to have fun. The longer jail times back in the day were just stupid and the current system is preferable. Also plenty of cops will robo cop the fuck out of people no matter how good the roleplay is because they are seeing $$$$. It's not a skill issue lmfao
  16. I feel like this would just be annoying to deal with
  17. For fed events I think it's fine
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