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  1. Over cartels? Probably, yes lol. My point is that the skill gap is extremely wide and the cartel community is incredibly toxic ( Not complaining, it's whatever ) this is why cartels are played by the same people and gangs pick from a small pool of players. Add that with it being content that is YEARS old, and it's why you're never going to bring back the good ol' days. You're better off making fresh rebel content, hopefully stuff that isn't gang versus gang in out in the middle of nowhere spots.
  2. It doesn't get past the fact that cartels are boring to most people nowadays. Not to mention that new players who even attempt cartels get stomped, and usually harassed so much that they stop doing them lol.
  3. It's cringe esports larping and everyone has moved on. You're better off just making new rebel content, preferably content that's a little more dynamic and forces players to interact with the rest of the server.
  4. If you really want to get into video evidence of BLM doing fucked up shit versus those evil police men and muh nazis, that's not a debate you're going to win lol. BLM is fucking stupid and just black nationalist and marxist shit
  5. I mean, it likely came from a lab in Wuhan. That part is right
  6. If you're actually hacking and you got yourself banned by trying to impress the handful of people still who give a shit about esports larping on a dead game then that's pretty fucking funny
  7. Redgull and weapon resting are your friends
  8. Just lagswitch like a real homie
  9. Is the underwater treasure and loot stashes worth getting? How much do they pay out? If it's a decent amount then I definitely think it's cool content
  10. Higherups gotta feel special over a gun in a video game, or however the argument goes for those losers.
  11. Sounds like the old market system in a weirder way so -1
  12. If that's bannable that's very lame and just sounds like an admin got butthurt one day
  13. Let's remove racism being bannable
  14. Asylum will probably just make a server on there. Hopefully the map will allow for a life server
  15. Sheriff Rick


    Chad King has converted most of the kingdom to Christianity in his noble crusade. The vlandians are all that's left.
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