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  1. Can you guys let in somebody from Bamboo so we can figure out how your logs work and dupe undetected?
  2. tgm player.additem 0000001 100000000000000 tcl ez win
  3. Gonna split the population and then less populated servers will lead to people not playing.
  4. It got the Chinese Corona virus
  5. "Cops can now search houses if the owner is offline" Get ready for some massive abuse
  6. That shit is harder to get than toilet paper last I checked
  7. Bamboo Union. Because we're not cringe retards that unironically do cartels.
  8. I live in Indiana and pretty much every thing is closed ( Takeout and shit is still an option ) but grocery stores, which are now having a hard time restocking. But hey, I got a two week spring break vacation from college so I've been playing the fuck out of Warzone.
  9. Yeah, it's in a pretty good state for the most part
  10. People who act like high bounties mean anything should be the ones getting punished
  11. I haven't been a cop in like two or three years lmao. It's boring and the APD is a cringe fest. They're not sending their best.
  12. Imagine knee padding this hard lmfao
  13. All is see in that picture is simps and groomers.
  14. A GTA life mod with Asylum's rules and laid back take on RP might be fun
  15. Bamboo Union officially disavows this awful statement.
  16. Worst of all you have to be a simp to be an admin. So miss me with that gay shit
  17. Just exploit like a true king. Yall are retarded
  18. I think permanent house keys would reduce the need for a gang to buy multiple houses in the same area. Five houses has been the norm and it's really nice. If anything, I think the base prices should go up since 250k is hardly anything and can be achieved pretty quick. I see a lot of new players who buy a house and then never get on again, then it's 30 days for that house to free up.
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