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  1. @tom What's your side of the story? What are you going to do now? Will you finally touch grass or are you going to ban evade?
  2. Hey Basically I'm just not gonna disable it i know.... UGH! I know..... It's just that I'm not gonna disable it is all
  3. Any chance Moonshine might see a price increase since it's not as easy to cheese? I think it would make for some great interactions
  4. A map that showed who owned what houses and if that person hasn't logged in for thirty days for would VERY interesting! I could see someone learning how to code just to make that
  5. I got banned for VDM when I almost blew up a hunter with my drug runner plane. They didn't believe me when I said it was because of my new joystick Admins are corrupt
  6. This I think the change is a good compromise
  7. The EXACT thing happens in Athira. I wish you guys would take a second look at bounty hunter and realize the amount of griefing it enables instead of pinning Kavala trolls as problem. Literally it is like four individuals in Kavala I can think of that go insane on killing freshspawns and griefing them but it is the tools you guys give out that enable it.
  8. Do you guys still have Bully's KFC story? I wanted to show my friends that
  9. I don't think server pop is down because money is easy to make. It was easy to make money pre-wax/buds. Overhauling the economy in favor of stuff everyone did years ago will not be as fun as everyone thinks it will be. I agree Kavala should be on the top of the list ( I know the bias lol ) but also I find it funny that all that change did was make it so freshspawns get killed by gangs in Athira instead. I've seen DH act the same way as a few individuals in Kavala plenty of times. If you want to stop making freshspawns such a target then more effort should be put in reducing bounty farming and the effect bounty hunters have on the server. Nobody ever talks about this but BH is the ultimate griefing tool and allows people to fuck with players in ways that rebel simply can not. Cartels is cartels. Idc about it but it should make money. However, it is probably a minority of players that actually engage with cartels for a variety of reasons.
  10. Arma is a dying game where the player count is only going down further and further, big games released like Halo Infinite, and for some reason Asylum usually sees a dip around this time every year.
  11. It depends on the admin you get. It will always be that way, I get it, but some are willing to unban and others will not lift shit or seem to ignore your appeal until it is almost over anyway. Although there's not a lot to back this up as a regular player, I FEEL like the problem has gotten worse and I believe that may be why more people are complaining about ban severity ( Not talking about hackers, cuz fuck em ). I can say that I've been treated fairly for the most part, but man I have seen friends and gangmates fucked over by admins being completely unreasonable. With that being said, I do find it rich that some people are advocating for less harsh bans while also being notorious for playing report wars. The irony is fucking real
  12. This A lot of this is ulterior motives and hurt egos.
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