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  1. I want you to ban me btw. I will never log into the server to INTENTIONALLY ruin another's gameplay But I want to be washed of it. Forums and all. Pid and all. Ty. For others that take this game seriously like salty cunter: go outside. Live some. I've spent 5 fucking years being who I am growth and all while still playing here and honestly it has gotten the best of me. I can't with this server anymore.
  2. Not to renege on what I said but it has been bothering me about I said about @Mitch (IFRIT) You are the person that asylum needs. My opinion still stands on how you decide about how things will stand but you take way too much heat. You have no choice but to fold. I hate how lucien and lorax were banned...and I hate to be political...but imo action should have been taken on wolfe. 2020 pedophilia isnt ok.
  3. I fucking hate these type of post because I know that they are 100% attention seeking. I can lie all fucking day about how it isn't but who cares. I care about these people and I dont @ you and you truly know me then maybe you're going to understand why. The order of my @'s really pose no significance besides my own recollection. Again please dont take this personal if there is potential offense. @DarkKnight this man deserves his position and has does nothing but look for how he can make things better for his fellow gamers within such settings. I've enjoyed the privilege of know
  4. The guy has been playing arma for at least 6 years. Y'all need to stahp with the hackusations
  5. Did you seriously montage yourself shooting a naked off a quad
  6. Look. You're entitled to your trash opinion but if someone does something in game that was not intended to be allowed via mechanics, then it probably is an exploit.
  7. Vermin has a faster fire rate than all the mks. I have taken down many bounties with just a vermin.
  8. I only come here to see if the forums are still up. One thing I've noticed is how many people still bitch about the littlest things, as if there aren't any other games to play or real life things to do.
  9. Like Sean said that would require effort
  10. Or you could not exploit.
  11. This man loves his ifrit drops. Good shit.
  12. This is some boomer shit right here
  13. It is. The memes aren't the same anymore. We need @explicit lvl memes
  14. What ever happened to funny memes? I feel like kids nowadays just post some random video with names pasted on characters hoping for some sort of relevance.
  15. Sp0on


    Same here. I just started so nobody is at war, so I'm just roaming around cucking whoever I can, killin looters and such. The combat is a lot more realistic than war band, so I'm trying to get used to it.
  16. Sp0on


    I take it you're the empire?
  17. Sp0on


    Anyone played it yet? I legit would love to play it more but I'm working 12-15 hour days and I'm usually pretty wiped out once I get home. I honestly am in love with how the game came out. The combat, storyline and the all around immersion..even though I'm overclocking cause I have a 2 core.
  18. Except you're wrong, and still mad
  19. Except you're not. You're still butthurt.
  20. You're* Have fun trying hard.
  21. A : I was never married B : I still have my kids in my life C : I've been sober for over a year D : you're still bad at this game
  22. I just joined and tried to get someone to drag me in. Was promptly ignored
  23. Nobody is ever in the ts when I log in
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