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  1. s3 gonna be up at any point today?
  2. gimme that general lee bruther
  3. never gonna stop complaining about retard admins sorry
  4. no admins dont believe that swerving infront of someone to vdm them is vdm. kinda funny right?
  5. comp or ban recorded and reported 50k comp NOW
  6. last i read you need atleast a 970 idk if thats correct anymore though.
  7. if csgo was a good game id say good job but alas.
  8. how tf lmao. fastest i can get a car goin is 1k with the nitro
  9. well i guess ill just do this a bunch since it keeps being called desync. if im allowed to get away with vdm and call it desync i guess thats kinda sick
  10. yeah swerving to make someone die is desync. i know what desync fucking looks like because it always happens on these servers
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