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  1. yeah, not gonna lie the shipwreck events are kind of broken. 250+k within 10 minutes and you're already almost at the jewler. have you even ran white lightning since the double nerf? moonshine is literally faster and more profitable than white lightning AND SCOTCH. even then, the moonshine isn't even a great way to run money until you're done farming the seasonal. even then, not very easy/OP. i spend more time gathering corn than i do processing my moonshine. all forms of alcohol are literally worse than running diamonds at this point. you'll make more money doing the diamond quests +chance to get gold nugget than you would making scotch. probably made leroy quit lmao
  2. I couldn't agree more. I mean, let's be honest ever since dom released asylum has been left in the shadow of it.
  3. fr moving drug fields almost killed the housing economy Weren't you one of the people that shit on my post about cartel income? I wrote one paragraph and you claimed it was a wall of text. you essentially just wrote an email to someone here. nevertheless, i agree tho.
  4. yea wasn't a horrible update by far, just a little unfocused imo.
  5. great mini update! Looking forward to what is to come.
  6. for real this guy is such a backseat dev lmao
  7. I'm not downplaying the drop in numbers. however, i'm not wrong that people have better things to do than play asylum first thing when they get home on a friday...
  8. what else is there to do besides that meta? everything thats been added to the server the last year has been the same formula just reskinned basically.
  9. RELAX, it's friday, people are probably having real life fun
  10. So, yeah, at least we have dom. despite me not making it to most of them they've been an absolute blast and it's apparent that it's been succesful. come on for gods sake most of the top 10 of the my asylum leaderboards don't even play altis life. It attracts alot of people. not much content like this is created anymore. Pertaining to the cartel income situation on altis life #1, general consensus is that everythings kinda nerfed. and it's probably somewhat true that the massive amount of different ways to make money somewhat cripple cartels. I guess i'm just gonna have to try to make it to dom so i can be rich like all these other doods
  11. almost all of the people who slammed this post are in city gangs. In all of my years on this server i've only seen them push cartel a handful of times and everytime they get wiped. It's no secret all of these gangs are responsible for many noobs going over to olympus. they're even more toxic in game. They come on these forums and act like they're hot shit literally everything that may be good or is of substance on this website gets shit on by them as well. if you go back and read the older topics on here, you'll see what I'm talking about. They raid and de-rail genuine topics, especially ones that have nothing to do with them IE cartels. These are the same people who i see on here all the time usually in kavala. They're so invested yet it's almost as if they want the server to die.(look at their donor levels too
  12. i'm a multi millionaire with full vec garage nearly 10 heli's and almost 10 mil worth of realestate give or take. When me and my gang go out to cap, we get caps. I've been fighting the same 3 cartels for the past 6 years and have only seen. Trust me, I know a thing or two about cartels. been watching the cartel scene degrade for said time. everyone who properly fights cartels knows they're not as good as they used to be. Also, this post isn't me bitching about my own loss. I've been profiting from cartels as it stands but said profit just isn't worth unless u crave the fight, which i and a kinda decent but dying amount of people do... it's just less and less people are fighting.. and i know a big deal is the worth aspect of it all.
  13. exactly. the cartel isn't worth capping compared to the theft of the ifrit.
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