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  1. There's really no reason for them to wipe achievements, but I also heavily second this. Our seasonal quest progression was literally wiped so u never know.
  2. I personally believe that if there were to be a permanent wipe, that it should only be of money and houses. I feel like there are a lot of people including myself that would be very upset if we lost our myasylum stats. (This happened before after V2) you could also create a "Legacy stats" page. to show everyone's stats before wipe? Heard from a couple people about talks of making this wipe permanent. Just wanted to add my 2 cents here instead of making an entire post. A permanent wipe sounds quite worrying. I know several people who would quit for a fact. Too much time invested too rare of houses etc. Not to mention the millions upon millions of cop gear, mxm, rpg's that have been properly farmed. we are talking hundreds of hours.
  3. This is what it's like anyways... look at dom for example, the high KD's were just rats that sit 200 meters away playing for easy snipes, usually olympus mains. I hate to ask but do you even fight cartels?
  4. This is exactly what i'm saying... is there somewhere i can view how this system works exactly? genuinely curious, maybe it will shed some light on my confusion.
  5. Honestly i don't think that anyone should lose more war rating when being killed by a player with less or more war rating. War rating isn't an honest factor of skill. It should be a solid gain or loss of 5 possibly even 10 IMO. what does anyone else think? To me it's just a time sink at this point and caring about it brings nothing but stress cause i'm left wondering how much i'll lose if i push someone. I guess it's a personal issue at that point, but is it really the best system?
  6. +1, we really should revert golden wax to it's original sell price, it's literally less profitable than house weed atm no reason for anyone to go to weed processing unless they haven't done the math. Oh boy, remember when you'd encounter a box truck driving on the msr, and after you rob him you discover it's full of drugs? those were the days.
  7. This is already a on going debate/suggestion.
  8. Highly agreed, LSD atm isn't even really worth your time. I feel like house bud is the worst in this case, at least make golden wax worth again so people do that more.
  9. I think the issue is just that there isn't much variety for a cartel. The elevation is pretty insane as well.
  10. +1 we kind of need this, maybe keep house wongs in rotation.
  11. It isn't dead, but it will because of people like you.
  12. do you guys no longer take player feedback? sarcasm aside, i'm genuinely curious.
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