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  1. me too. best quality straight from cali
  2. Looking to buy a shed/garage near any rebel on s1. Lmk
  3. Infamy Application In-game name: Age: Hours on Arma 3 (Screenshot required): Previous gangs: Why would you like to join our gang?: How active will you be? __________________________________________________________ Roster: Leaders: Simba, Wonky Lieutenants: Or Die, Hands Up, Barre, Tommy Rat Soldiers: Skoal, Grizz, Worthless, Nuggerachi, Gavin, Chedders, Tex
  4. also correct me if I am wrong but dont you also have to give a consequence if they dont comply
  5. I felt we should pay our respects to Asylum V1 30 minutes before V2 came out.
  6. I like the last 2 ones but the first one is too much
  7. add the ability to block a phone number. doing this will not allow people to message/call you if they are harassing you, cause that shit gets annoying asf. but it needs to be used at your own risk however because if someone initiates through message and you dont see they should still be able to kill you
  8. The past few banks ive done there were only 1-2 cops who responded only one time, and a few times there was no response at all.
  9. Or make an option where when it turns night you can vote to pass it. Kind of like some servers in rust.
  10. I say remove nighttime. Its gay as fuck
  11. and rye. Dont remove the tall bushes however just take away all other things in spirit that isn't scotch because as hands up said nobody does anything at spirit besides scotch anyways
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