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  1. What's the auth code viewer for? Is there an API endpoint for validating the code/getting info for a specific auth code?
  2. please just stop posting. you're just making yourself look even more retarded. thanks
  3. > Gets RDMed at Peninsula > Asks to speak to an admin > @Roice: "You were in free fire zone" > ok if you say so > 2 days later "we're adding a free fire line so you don't get confused again" > line is literally after the point we got RDMed at... good update, thanks.
  4. I have an offer for 8.5m rn, kinda wanting to sell to buy more vests and speed bombs. Anyone tryna offer more?
  5. @Mitch (IFRIT) when can I pay to spawn in with a debit card
  6. Serious offers only please, thx
  7. Arms Island Shed - I'll take offers in this thread.
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