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  1. nah i'm good. nah i'm good. pretty sure the devs read these threads
  2. join today to say no to the cops.
  3. Gun Game would be better IMO if you got rid of the demotion on death, also if the animation wasn't fucked and you spawned with your gun rather then putting your hands up... Spawns are kind of shit too Teleport doesn't always work, and I lost my Y even when I was teleported and regeared. It fucks up your gang group too Also I can't pull cars from my shed - bitches that I don't have a debit card (I don't, but like I've always been able to pull cars from my garages) Also you got rid of smokes? And my loadout can't have NVGs in?!
  4. Nah dude, Steve is coming back to Space Force aren't you, need those admin nades.
  5. It's actually been pretty easy to get in the last 3-4 days, only had to spam enter for like 5 minutes to get in, used to be much worse
  6. [Application] Name: Jamie Hours: Too many Previous Gangs: Toxicity, Forsaken, SpaceForce Why should we accept you? @Revenant said I had the skills to join Vouches: @Revenant @NotTea
  7. https://streamable.com/axt35j join today for a free RPG
  8. Space Force is a gang focused on having fun. Requirements: -750 hours -At least 16 years old -Financially stable (minimum of 500k) -Fighting experience preferred Application: In-Game Name: Age: Arma 3 hours (Screenshot): Bank Account (Screenshot): Any experience fighting? Vouches: Previous Gangs: How active will you be? Roster: Leader: TK Jamie Lieutenant: jacking off is a sport, Jeb, chrIS, Infamous Trials: Not Listed Blacklisted: ()Suspect()
  9. https://medal.tv/clips/17493328/d1337wtIRSuH
  10. I wish you would "clear" off.
  11. I think what Gravl wants is so you can overwrite your previous ping without a delay
  12. How many hours do you have? (3535 Hours) Do you have any combat experience? (I frag all my team at cartels) How active will you be? (Everyday 24/7) Any previous gangs? (Forsaken, Toxicity) Do you have decent income? (28m buddy) Do you have Discord? (no, my mum deleted it) Do you understand Tac coms? (I used to but then I flipped an Ifrit)
  13. go back to oly please. oh wait you're banned. eta on ban on asylum?
  14. What's the auth code viewer for? Is there an API endpoint for validating the code/getting info for a specific auth code?
  15. JamieH


    i'm uninstalling
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