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  1. https://medal.tv/clips/17493328/d1337wtIRSuH
  2. I wish you would "clear" off.
  3. I think what Gravl wants is so you can overwrite your previous ping without a delay
  4. How many hours do you have? (3535 Hours) Do you have any combat experience? (I frag all my team at cartels) How active will you be? (Everyday 24/7) Any previous gangs? (Forsaken, Toxicity) Do you have decent income? (28m buddy) Do you have Discord? (no, my mum deleted it) Do you understand Tac coms? (I used to but then I flipped an Ifrit)
  5. go back to oly please. oh wait you're banned. eta on ban on asylum?
  6. What's the auth code viewer for? Is there an API endpoint for validating the code/getting info for a specific auth code?
  7. JamieH


    i'm uninstalling
  8. please just stop posting. you're just making yourself look even more retarded. thanks
  9. > Gets RDMed at Peninsula > Asks to speak to an admin > @Roice: "You were in free fire zone" > ok if you say so > 2 days later "we're adding a free fire line so you don't get confused again" > line is literally after the point we got RDMed at... good update, thanks.
  10. I have an offer for 8.5m rn, kinda wanting to sell to buy more vests and speed bombs. Anyone tryna offer more?
  11. @Mitch (IFRIT) when can I pay to spawn in with a debit card
  12. Serious offers only please, thx
  13. Arms Island Shed - I'll take offers in this thread.
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