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  1. any other EU people getting minute plus join times? @Michael L and me are
  2. i just don't see why it's relevant to people who were already APD, also as if no SGT+ has ever been toxic.
  3. previously Asylum asked for age, and DOB if you were under a certain age - I don't see how collecting the DOB of everyone helps you verify age, especially not those who were previously cops and didn't specify their DOB. tbh I'm just complaining because I don't feel like giving my DOB to a community that can be incredibly toxic (no offence)
  4. why the fuck do people have to share their date of birth on applications?
  5. Application: In-Game Name: ti jamie Age: 13 Arma 3 hours (Screenshot): Bank Account (Screenshot): Any experience fighting? one time at cartel i got a kill Vouches: @Steve @CRH Previous Gangs: toxicity, forsaken, etc How active will you be? might play once a year
  6. Great update, looking forward to fragging out at conquest, oh wait... this is just horns and a Bohemia TOS violating feature, cool. UNBAN MY BOY CRH
  7. @Mitch (IFRIT)when are you unbanning CRH
  8. is anyone getting awful FPS as of the last major update? I'm getting the worst FPS I've had since 32bit days...
  9. Weren't you guys literally playing out of this house yesterday???
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