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  1. Eta on evidence locker @Jesse
  2. Asylum admins cant even get a gungame event right. ur an idiot if u think they can handle this....
  3. What is the montage music tho
  4. Okay let’s clear this up. It’s vdm if u drop a car on somebody that doesn’t have a bomb on it. This is because when u drop the carbomb u have no way of knowing if the car hit u or near u because if it hits near u and u die due to the explosion it was because of the bomb which is fine. Now if it landed on top of u I still don’t think it should be vdm because u could make the same claim if a car hit the side of yours before it blew up from the bomb. It’s confusing but I don’t think it should be considered vdm
  5. Maybe if the cops were good they could stop us
  6. Its very hard to hit them with accuracy tho. Have u ever tried?
  7. Speedbombs are op. u need no initiation and u cannot stop a hatch coming in a 200+kmph. The fact that u can blow up a tempest with 750k worth of bars for 80k and u dont even need initiation is retarded.
  8. I got points on the fourms for that btw
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