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  1. Come in kavala insta siren get downed and locked in the house kinda how it goes.
  2. I know it's been a while but Does my Rp still suck?
  3. ok if they deny me i'll apply to yours.
  4. Application In-Game Name:El chapo. Age: just turned 13 last weekend ( i got a new pc for my birthday) Estimated Asylum Time: 45 hours but i have 15 on wasteland so 60 total Bank Balance: 30k but i gave 20 to my friend so i'll be getting more soon Have you ever been banned? yes i called someone a monkey n*gger and threatened to tie them to the back of a 4x4 and drive them back to ferguson.(was only 3 days) Do you have a mic and TeamSpeak?i have both Current and Past Gangs?i'm pretty new so i just hang around some of the kavala gangs If in a current gang, why are you looking to leave?not in a gang Why do you want to join our gang?i would like to join a gang and get some new friends also i meet most of your requirments Do you know any members of our gang? No but i hope to get to know them.
  5. +1 he dindu nuffin wrong just like my boy he just wanna do hood rat things with him and his friends
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