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  1. My man Cory Burgers droppin KNOWLEDGE bombs on these kids like he's the B king himself. Give em the ol' whopper, my dude.
  2. Look dude we all like to call Scott fat, but you've got to spice up your memes a little bit. I give this a Scottisfat/10
  3. can i get a TL: DR? I need my Asylum drama in a bite sized form please.
  4. MOTHER FUCKER IT'S SENPIE. How the fuck can you low tier degenerate EU fuck boys not get it right? :^) Memes are dead and so am I
  5. I had similar issues. I noticed that "windows audio device graph isolation" was taking up a large portion of my processor usage. Turns out I had both Nvidia and realtek audio drivers installed. After uninstalling one it fixed my problem. To add to it. I would really only got frame drops when me or someone else was shooting, so the audio from the gun shots was causing my problems with the audio drivers taking up most of my processor usage.
  6. you put an Abu kill in there. It doesn't even count, scrub.
  7. But in all seriousness, why did you think this was worthy of making a video? Are you guys a counter-strike gang now?
  8. Those are some shady skins, my dude
  9. I'm trying to figure that out myself
  10. I could do without the toxicity. Thanks
  11. Why aren't you in bed? You toxic liar.
  12. https://gyazo.com/e3aae2124eb5842cfbc70c989531381d For some reason it crops off the edges. Anyone know a fix?
  13. For a funny as fuck video?? I know you guys don't really understand, but being "good" isn't everyone else's primary concern. We just like to have fun and make fun of dumb people :^)
  14. It's pretty obvious they still don't know what roaching means, but hey, it's a nice buzzword.
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