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  1. Marshall law as in me yelling at someone for breaking Kavala gun store so no one could access it? Great hands to land into man. You've been extremely devoted to the community here. & I know clint/others would not have chosen you if they didn't have extreme faith in you. OG swat in Asylum was a group of 15ish guys that required at least 10 to be on & 1 lead to even be deployed. They trained together with all kinds of different weaponry. MK18 w/ MOS & supressors . (Mind you at the time there was not many APD members) Swat 2.0 was so that the APD had a chance against gangs with 25+ guys online that had 7.62 vs the APD's 9mm's. & Arma made Orca's flying tanks. At the time when you didn't have higher ups available its hard to assault a fed or chase down an *IFRIT* full geared rebels when you had sport hatches and pea shooters. (So FSA,BB, Inivative/Syn made SWAT a necessity to have a fighting chance to stop them.) & It made it more fun for both sides. So it wasn't just picking off zerging Meatshield cadets 24/7 in fights)
  2. @Clint Beastwood Its been a pleasure buddy! You have been an amazing part of this community and always will be, so many great nights of shenanigans! All the love to ya and your family. I know we all will still see you around. The chat in this is great. STFU in global!
  3. @BaDaBiNg_10-8 So much respect & love for ya chief, I hope the best for ya in life & family. Hope to see ya around when you have the time. You'll be missed and words can't say all the fun & fucked up/falling over hilarious times weve had with ya. @Jesse Appreciate the hard work ya put in & many of us thank you for it. Unfortunately, 95% of the community has no idea what mass amounts of work a Dev has to put in behind the scenes.
  4. It's a big mistake for them to make it that big!
  5. Spek


  6. Spek

    New dlc

    Spoiler alert! APD panther tanks inc!
  7. Im pretty sure there is a thing that tells you how much you pay before you click accept, I also thinks you can cancel it while you wait to claim, and just smash it into a tower for free.
  8. Lets go for level 4 now!!! We all thank you for our rebel meds!
  9. Spek


    When did ya join the community 2015?, my bet is after me
  10. I miss all of the old school people & retired staff. What do you think of scheduling a monthly event where we try and get all of the OG players & retired staff, Devs, owners to do a Big brawl event for some good fights?
  11. Spek


    Hello , My names Spek, Ive been around since 2014, was a career cop LT+ (Chief Elect). I started the swat training when we could deploy swat for FEDS, banks and prisons. After I retired I took a step back from the hardcore APD end of things (when I was playing 40 Hours + a month as the Po) & then switched to playing the rebel side of life. Over the past few months I bit the bullet and joined DS @[email protected]_Billy(no idea why lol, maybe its because they have wanted me for years ) Remember I don't always seize ifrits but when I do I make sure it was @Mitch (IFRIT) first & the second ifrit that he was able to afford. This community is one of my favorites & the reason I always stay here is my love for the people that make it up and all the fun amazing memories that have been made. So it's time to get back in action after moving to my new house & being busy with my 60+ hour work weeks(past month has been the biggest bitch at work). NOW THAT TAX SEASONS OVER for work it's now time to Play with speed bombs, pull out the occasional GhostHawk & fly away like a little B*tch when Envy, Syn, FSA & so many others try to .50 cal me out of it. I look forward to lockpicking your ifrits, taking your drugs, roaching your banks & potatoing all of my shots that over 50m. @BaDaBiNg_10-8 Be ready for me to camp the prison and lethal you because that's the only way I can get kills Much Love & Respect, -Spek
  12. The servers are about to get more populated soon, it happens every year like a clock. December gets full with holidays and breaks. Dies down after a bit, closer to Easter it shoots up. Then summer when all the kiddos are out of school it blows up. I've seen it happen for the past 5 years. Just wait
  13. Welcome to adulthood. o7 , youll be back!
  14. There we go! That will really help cut down on the corruption of being on civ , some guy loosing a fight and hoping on cop to get revenge right away!
  15. @Jayshawn Congrats it's nice to see a real Old school OG in the list!
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