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  1. Who cares about your stupid fucking houses? Literally, what is the point of having houses when a server is dead? I cant understand some of you guys that bitch about losing your fucking houses all the time.. I have had probably every single house and shed that is worth buying on the server and also have more money than almost everyone playing this shit, but I understand a change is needed and I believe a wipe is the only change worth trying You do understand its either wipe it or dont? If there is a chance that asylum will go back pre-wipe people that is against the wipe will simply just dont play until they go back and people that wants the wipe will stop playing if they decide to go back. The shit you are saying is not only cringe but also retarded
  2. Let Unknown get their hattrick of 2. places please
  3. I must say, your accusations are not only false but also utterly ridiculous. I have never been involved in any of the absurd activities you've described, nor do I have any intention of engaging in such nonsense. It's disappointing that you would resort to baseless slander to vent your frustrations. If you have legitimate concerns, I suggest you bring them forward with evidence and in a civil manner. Until then, kindly refrain from dragging my name through the mud with your fabrications.
  4. Played with these guys for a few weeks now and holy shit they are insane at the game!! I recommend every new player to apply here!!
  5. My guy you did NOT need anyone to no balls you to crash your orcas I swear I probably have 20 gyazo clips of you crashing unintentionally
  6. you still think you can dpi in water btw
  7. You cant replace me Alec. Jihadi John, the leader of the Jihadis. The elites within the almighty FSA.
  8. In case you forgot what it looks like
  9. Can you rejects start clipping it instead of speeding it up? You dont need to prove you got it in one life, no one cares anyways
  10. Thanks for the cancer awareness
  11. No doubt you will do a great job Rogue! The boys (and Ethan) in unknown will always be here to help if u need something
  12. I could be fatter than gnashes and still look better than ur anorexic looking ass. Jews coming out of Auschwitz had more muscle than you and your Anne Frank looking brother combined. If anyone in this shit is flexing anything its you lmao. Go to school so you finally can get the closing hours in your local 7-11, good shit kid
  13. Nah the clip at 0:14 is such obvious aimlock. Sad to see someone making montages while cheating. Disgusting...
  14. You cant call people lil bro just cus you are fat

  15. you cheated and talked shit while u were cheating bro. Even then you had suggestions and they even kept coming after u were banned hahah
  16. Bro is standing alone in kavala hahhahah
  17. Imagine thinking you were even a competition for us Envy will roll over u guys just like we did
  18. This is so cringe This kid has multiple vac banned accounts, a known cheater on rust and a complete degenerate and yet hes still allowed to play on MY server just look at the obvious aimhack at 1:20 and the obvious wallhack at 1:50! This dude is a joke for the community!
  19. its too late for a wipe because people like you were too big of a bitch to try. If the server wiped in 2019/2020 asylum would be thriving again, but again bitches like u ruined it all
  20. Server should have been wiped to be kept alive. Bitches here were too scared to lose their "expensive" houses
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