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  1. Dan.

    New Mods

    Congrats new mods & support! All great members.
  2. I still think ya'll crying over nothing. acting like it's the end of the world lol.
  3. Waittt so can i turn the grass off or not?, ya'll need to stop cappinggg.
  4. I think the devs are really onto something here with the electricity. Why would the house not have an upgrade tho? Any house and every house regardless of upgrades should have a electricity bill. Assuming you've also maxed your physical and virtual inventory, i consider that to be quite a large upgrade. imagine all of the cool stuff that could possibly one day come out in future updates. idk exactly what those things can beee lol. but maybe security cameras added to the outside of homes, be like a "Security Upgrade". able to switch thru cameras as you would for example like a APD officer scrolling through the 'Traffic Cams'. almost completely pointless but at least you'd be able to see whats going on outside without needing to go to a window or peak through the wall lol. it'd be pretty cool. with electricity maybe they could even add a dry room into the green house upgrade? Allowing you to dry 35 adult plants every server restart. be a pretty expensive upgrade but good way for passive income for people who actually aren't on the server as much as others. just like liquor aging in the house's. Upgrades like that are also going to bring up your electricity bill. WE NEED SINKS LIKE THIS. You have 10 days.. it's not to hard to actually make 250k+ an hour on this server. this may also prevent house hoarding. large gangs and their members just buy all adjacent property's around drug areas or dealers. ASSUMING most of those are upgraded there will be some serious coin leaving the server. If
  5. You don't know how long it has taken people to make money. AFK on cop isn't even worth it, We do a pretty good job at making sure people don't afk on cop. cartels can be captured every 30 mins correct? Soo the gang that owns it has to defend it from others, prob cost quite a bit in kits during the process of it being contested, to being captured don't ya think? Just doesn't seem like there is a whole lot of "Sitting back and getting rich" people put in the work and they're being rewarded for it. Server does have a lot of money you're not wrong.. Problem is the mega rich don't have anything to put their money into.. They need something that they feel is worth it to them. I saw someone mention Frit prices should be raised. maybe that's a good idea seeing how EVERYONE uses them. Them implementing the power/lights to houses is a good little money sink, they should also consider adding something like property tax's i think. Each property comes with a set amount monthly, price depending on the size & possible location of the property. Larger property's like industrial sheds should be the highest taxed. also possibly based on where their located.
  6. Yeah i got baited hard there ahah all good though. when you spend the 1.5m you should get a console. spending 1.5m and not being able to mine right away was kind of a let down.
  7. Unknown Cryptid - Rumors have been heard around the island of a goat like cryptid stalking prey in the NW part of the map. Locals have said he is harmless, but preys on victims that are alone, in the dark. is that some chupacabra shittt
  8. Dan.

    WTS Sofia Shed

    @Hoodlum Priest i'll buy tttt
  9. Things are different now. We need to know your age among other things for multiple reasons. If there's nothing to hide, whats the problem with that information being provided?
  10. It would be cool if people could attend executions at the prison! Maybe something similar to a jury duty summons. And people can press "9" to be teleported to the prison/execution. Just a random suggestion.
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