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  1. Like the U.S requesting that the daughter of Huawei's CEO to be extradited to the US? It's under fraud and I guess that's reasonable, but China could soon drop US companies and make it so manufacturing will have to move.
  2. @Mitch (IFRIT) hello friend its been a while since we've talked, how have you been?

  3. dont bully him toxicity from community members is what scares new players away
  4. if u use your detective skills im sure u can figure it out corporal! ill give you a hint it starts with forum and ends with banned.
  5. cram it old man you're just mad you got bullied by them
  6. then come play with me cause im insanely shit
  7. hes talking about me cause they bullied me into a corner and killed me like 80 times
  8. play rust with me I just started playing or at least come in to Kawaii Killer ts if you tryna play
  9. as a fellow coin collector I would like to join the club
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