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  1. no i just play fair. this is why asylum fails. gg keep it up
  2. LMAO sure i did. i have 20 helis and i was goin to 0give him it jsut to see what he would do. you can clearly see me hop out its just how he killed me it showed i stayed in. feet clearly on ground and i hit tab he didnt give me enough time to fully do it cuz hes a little bitch make it 30 seconds if unarmed/nogear and you'll see the change in attitude. or keep your fail traps in place and let your server eventually shatter like it did before. yall kno theirs to much money on the server and you fail to realize its because of cartel funds goin straight to atm. thats a big no no if u want gear to have value.
  3. naw i drove from dp14. this is why asylums banning method is weak and boring. whyd he even initiate if he can kill me due to a conflict on air field?? sounds like a cover up.
  4. not within 5mins his name would be red and woulda shot me instantly.
  5. LOL you have no idea.... thanks for that post now i know where ur really at this one, not my main acc. who r u?
  6. NO. you need to make each house slot more money. 1st is like 100k 2nd is like 300k 3 slots 1mil 4 slots 1.5mil and 5 houses is like 2.5mil boom done. then ppl will use their houses all the time. ppl with 5 houses need to pay 2mil rn to keep them all.
  7. so you finally realize that money from cartels going straight to gung funds is ruining the economy? bring back dirty money and increase the cost of clothing/weapons so people craft. I like the house bill cuz I actually know what Im doing. I played asylum when it was hard so for me, this shits easy. see how everyone is crying and complaining? Children... stop favoring the children they're all little boys that want it simple and easy. fuck em
  8. I think turf flags should rotate within the same turf just different spots to change it up + add altar more or new rotatable gas stations locations
  9. right, so they should allow us to trade our bounty in for blood money. so fighters can fight and farmers can farm.
  10. Im glad the electricity bills are here. I can afford it no problem. Ive been sayin the entire time asylum has to much money on it. glad admins added this. I do think u should add a method for us to reduce our bill .
  11. can we like, get a quest/achiev that will take a % off our bill?
  12. A wise man once said |If you were in a real court session and somebody held up a bloody glove with nothing else to prove it yours and they convict you of murder wouldn't that suck? | if that were true, you'd allow us to turn ourselves into the courthouse over 100k bounty. this is such an inconvenience for rebels. It stops us from turning ourselves in and stops us from making money... I don't want to give my bounty to a slimey rdming bounty hunter or a 1 tap taser robo cop... in real life a criminal can %100 turn himself in no matter how high his bounty. if you don't make every aspect of the game revolve around money, and change the rules of initiation to actually needing to talk to the person and see what they'll do. 5 seconds causes to many problems.. I dont understand why its "you need to turn yourself into a cop/bh at 100k bounty." that ruins my gaming experience. You can fix this by allowing bounty for a reward shop + add achievments. To exchange a bounty for a reward that will help you succeed. Rewards being crafting minerals/gems/drugs/ect to craft with, pc parts, or exchange the bounty for a %of blood money. this will favor those who like to fight but do not have time to farm. If they own a house they can just turn in their bounty and store their ingredients in their house(a reasonable amount to help those craft guns and fight, keeping mining a efficient method) or take blood money not real money so now they can only buy gear forcing them to mine. This might increase runs/robberies/over all addiction to asylum.
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