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  1. asylum tends to favor* the weak and get rid of* the kings
  2. cosmetic+rp purposes. plenty of other cosmetics like turtle nvgs.
  3. if not one of the greatest helmets arma has to offer
  4. there are some very concerning things that must be addressed if asylum wishes to progress to max potential...
  5. not a wipe. No. change up some locations. better places to fight... they exist devs just cant find them. Ill post some screenshots some day of a great cartel spot below abdera. they dont give any cosmetic/titles for completing quests. their questline/achievs are a mess and need serious revamp. improving roleplay, ect... alot of things thatll never happen asylum seens its good days and sadly I dont think it;ll make a comeback due to all these things they think they left it the same for years and years and its dried out..... they scared to squeeze the sponge of magical soapy colorful liquid into this sad sad deserted wasteland of 13yr olds
  6. server is extremely dead. they nerfed LSD. They dont have a good donation system at all. their is no role play and its all a mess. they dont have correct titles/achieves. they dont offer any skins for playing the game other than wolf dew sports. none of these achievements are worth doing. all the cool titles are impossible to get. for the heisenberg achievment, you need to process and sell 350 blue crystal meth for a like %12 increase at drug dealer and + 85k reward and yet its called heisenberg when you dont even make it. its also not worth it because you make more money if u have a house doin heisenberg taking a cut . the black market achiev for weapons is a joke. if u own panagia and have the achiev you literally need 11 coke instead of 10. it should be like 7-8 coke and 2 uncut diamond with both. hows that a reward? they need to step it up the fact asylum once had 4 servers and it was hard to get into any of them, compared to now, like 20 ppl on max proves how they literally have no clue how to maintain their server. or theyre scared to make a change so let it die i offered to easily fix this server plenty of times but they'd rather see it die. dont take a mater mind but im pretty close... if not beyound 9pm eastern opn a friday theirs like 35 ppl on
  7. it'd be great if you put the time of domination in the actual server name itself in the select menu so we know...
  8. we should b e able to craft the pilot helmets idk why their not in t he market they look amazing
  9. Oh and the most obvious one !gotsmoke? to cast a cloud of smoke and disappear
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