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  1. @pan friedaw cmon man none of this even matters its just for entertainment
  2. been there done that cba to play on such a disgusting faction full of homos begging to get their e-peens toched there you have it folks. just cuz i didnt submit my 1st vid with him stating its for me, he doesnt get a point. the dumbest shit ive ever heared.
  3. SO WAIT... IM GOIN TO GET COP AND JUST SHOOT EVERYONES CAR TIRES WHEN THEY WANNA LEAVE HQ AND I CAN JUST GET AWAY WTH IT????: LOL THATS AWESOME SIGN ME UP. man i cant wait to be the most toxic cadet and have the apd love me.. i mean look at this post. you're all obviously for it!!!! almdlasmdasldmaspodmasodkasm,dlasdosfaklmd aw
  4. do us a favor and get some exercise with a rope around ur neck tied to your ceiling fan
  5. you ruined such a good post dude.. im not even goin to respond. i wish some of you were creative as me sheeesh soooo boring
  6. @willtee18 @Ethan Darrell Ever heard of typoglycemia? Even if you haven’t, chances are you’ll recognize one of the viral puzzles that explains this phenomenon. Starting around 2003, an email circulated through what seems like every inbox claiming that scrambled English words are just as easy to read as the original words. However, as cool as the original email was, it didn’t actually tell the whole truth. There’s more to scrambled words than meets the eye. What is typoglycemia? That viral email tested our ability to read scrambled words. Here’s what it looks like: C
  7. no dude the fact they said the cop never stated it was for me when he did. they said i coulda tried stealin it because my first vid didnt show it was for me . haha tricked u!!!!! i showed asecond vidoe and it was for m,e. they refuse to accept the truth cuz da troof hurts donut. i made a post bout this year ago and captain jamooze stricley and fiercly told me how this isnt allowed but oh look how thinhgs h have hcanged from 4 to 1. want 4? put me in charge yahurd . ill bring the swag back that asylum trueley deserves swagtime guys rsly litsten to me
  8. i am tellin the whole story. you're not. what am i missin? the video explains it all. u said it didnt state it was for me and it does lol . me runnin infront has nothin to do with it. yallr just mad about my intesntly insane laywer skills
  9. no dude its the fact u said it didnt say it was for me and it does and u looked at it like it was the vid that said it ddoesnt, u deserve points, sir. this is why ur cop force is full of salty little kids
  10. yea cover up the truth. i was told my 1st vid didnt state it wasnt for me. and this video does.
  11. no ur all jsut in denial . i suggest goin to therapy or readin a book to fix ur brain cells its also the fact that they said he never stated it was for me and HE DOES SAY THAT IT IS FOR ME AND YOU:RE ALL IN DENIAL SAYING ITS NOT FOR ME WHEN I HAVE IT RECORDED!!!!!!!!!!! AND YOU SAY HE NEVER STATES IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! anahahahahaha oomhg j @J Lucky @BadBunny
  12. i added stop trying to act big. its soo ggreat how im always right all the time ur all wroing but u try to make it look like ur wright wjhen yallr blatenly rwrong and ewven with proof u weirdos cover it all up . FAVORISTISM
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