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  1. In my 4 years of playing arma3 I have never seen people block stairs with briefcases.
  2. Sorry, I edited my post just as you posted. Your 1st response makes no sense. We were never talking about us being dead. Idk bout u but when I drop a couple bodies idc if i got money or not pullin fiddy calz and hashtag swag is where my lurkers at
  3. The point I am trying to make is that a large amount of LIFE players enjoy the risk factor. Knowing a lot of money is on the line, or even a simple load out can make all the difference. If money is hard to make and someone has a full kit, you're telling me they won't try harder to kill the enemy knowing they won't have enough money to buy another one if they die?
  4. Little boy, why would I care if someone else has 50million?
  5. I like when money is hard to earn because it makes us better players. If you had a ton of money, you wouldn't care if you die/got robbed and you wouldn't put any effort into a gun fight. If the server has to much money, then nothing has any value and it's boring. If you rob someone for a big pay out or even sell a lot of drugs the feeling of success is real. And I agree with those saying money is easy to make cuz it really is, if you know what you're doing. Especially if you have a house and use it wisely.
  6. It's the thrill of giving someone a fright that brings joy to me more than anything. You know when you sell a lot of drugs and hop in your car, then get one to the face? yeah.. that feeling Its not necessarily about the money, for some it is, but for experienced asylum players I don't expect the cartel fridge money to be a main source of income. And to all of you that think I don't actually play LIFE servers, and just sit and roach for 10 hours a day are gravely mistaken. For I am one of the most hardcore farmers you'll ever meet and have been through all of the trial and error of doing runs that most of you have yet to meet. Anyways, thank you for all of your input. I now understand where you are all coming from.
  7. can you explain? whats better than having 100k at your disposal?
  8. @DorbeshCome on man.... Dirty money is what made asylum stand out from the rest. Their would be so much hype amoungst gangs/players that the dirty money was taken and they would be going to this rebel or that rebel and people would go their anticipating the players arrival and its things like that, that makes players come back.
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