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  1. there would be no point to this because of how cheap they are
  2. Only time this might happen is if your kicking afk people for your gang which only happens every month or so which means ur not doing it a lot so imo it’s would be unnecessary to add this
  3. Sounds like a lot of extra work your mouse has a scroll wheel for a reason
  4. Oh weird how I’ve seen it done before and seen it in the editor?
  5. Very true but I think if they are going to enlarge the hq to make it a major city hq maybe they should make it unlimited spawns like the rest of the city hq’s. That would make sense imo. But idk lmk ur opinion.
  6. Me like but me no like the death sand around it making hatchbacks easier pray for rebels. Maybe consider adding some dirt roads around the area to make pushing fair and not just a guaranteed death. No idea if you can add custom roads or not just a suggestion.
  7. no unless the physical inventory of it is changed but the vanilla bergen can not hold a mk1 as it is a marksman rifle and you cant put marksman rifles in any vanilla backpacks.
  8. love the effort amd work u put into this but it is just to much stuff it seems that it is meant to be one of the smaller hq's and this just makes it look like a major one like prygos or kavala and also just looks like a rats heaven but thats just my opinion.
  9. imagine having a negative kd while flying a helicopter
  10. why do you have so many 1 craters
  11. this garage sold the day it was posted
  12. lol your not going to be able to buy any of these not tryna be rude its just a fact
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