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  1. Change name retard

    1. Farmer Steve

      Farmer Steve

      The name Cale is a Hebrew Baby Names baby name. In Hebrew Baby Names the meaning of the name Cale is: Dog; brave. In the Old Testament, Caleb was a companion of Moses during his time in the wilderness.

    2. ron the player

      ron the player

      Never heard of that name. 

  2. he was telling a fab @kenn lost gang wars XVI for the lawlers
  3. Name: Cale Hours: 2.2k Previous Gangs: The LAWLERS, Plague, Teamplayers Why should we accept you? I have a fat ass dick for a 14 year old and i can rip domes Vouches: @Walt @Mason Statham @Lucien
  4. True, its very annoying waiting that long, even if there is shots or not
  5. noooooooooo [OPFOR] Cpl. Gregory
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