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  1. Clark

    Barley Business

    I will collect barley for you. Save Money by Buying in Bulk!!! 1-250 Barley: $250 Each 251-500 Barley: $200 Each 501-1000 Barley: $150 Each 1000+ Barley: $125 Each Reply here and I will message in game to meet for deal.
  2. https://imgur.com/Ee62LSu Make Offers Big House is 3k Storage (https://imgur.com/a/NKOkbBc) Small House is 2k Storage (https://imgur.com/a/FFIZBLP)
  3. Yeah, that game was announced like 8 years ago and is abandoned. So, don't think that's happening
  4. I've wanted someone to make a standalone game like it for so long. The only thing that comes close is GTARP but the only good one is strictly whitelisted.
  5. If you're on now, list it and I'll buy for 400k
  6. Can you send a screenshot of location?
  7. Abdera, DP 3, DP 5 or around the area. Looking to not go past $800k but if it's good enough I will
  8. Strife but works would be cool. Although, killing your teammates for money was fun
  9. That shit was a disaster literally from the start. TKing instantly because it made money faster.
  10. Doesn't help if you cant get to it. The ladder to the top doesnt work half the time.
  11. The bank does need to be easier especially since what seems like every time we get to the end the ladder stops working.
  12. Exactly what happened to me. Find out the exact price (maybe ask for a bit more) but still get denied immediately saying that S2 isnt officially down yet. Even though I can rarely access my houses which is how I make money so wtf am I supposed to do.
  13. Cant even get comp for my stuff on S2. Cant even use my houses unless all the other servers are full and they turn on S2.
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