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  1. I cannot find any information about this. It was only mentioned briefly in RDM rules. When a player I see has a red tag, does it mean he sees me as red as well? Is there a way of knowing that I am red to somebody if he is not red to me? If it is a thing. How can I become red with somebody other than being at war with their gang? Shooting seems to be one, but how about VDM etc?
  2. I've just spent the last hour reporting RDMs Drove to Athira with a van - shot on sight. Drove to Pyrgos - shot on sight. Respawned - shot on sight. No, I wasn't red. So I can't even get a person to make the minimal effort before they shoot me. Fantastic. Sorry, I am a bit salty now after so many reports. It's not even about the money, it's about the enjoyment being sucked out of me.
  3. Hehe. So funny. I was thinking of writing a similar topic just yesterday. I haven't met that gang because Kavala is just as cancerous as it ever was so I left fast. Sadly, Pyrgos is very similar. People just want to shoot you. I get that it's exciting but even cop interactions are a bit dry these days. It's either my old memories fooling me or it's gotten a bit worse. I've already reported an rdm and I got vdm and rdm today as well. Barely any player interactions end well for me lately, hehe But you do get some nice people! I just got pardoned a 10k ticket while g
  4. My old house... How I miss you.
  5. Even though I have to make another character as I can't change the name of the default one?
  6. Well, there were only 10 spaces left to log in yesterday. Glad I still have my 1 mil left, even though I lost much more of other goodies. Can you tell me one thing - if I change my character name in the arms 3 profile will my character ID change and I'll lose that dude with the money? My nickname changed because of steam.
  7. Hehe. I bet I am. Still, I've never played any game that long except WoW.
  8. Hello I played on this server perhaps 4 years ago. I think I've racked up about 900 hours on it alone. Then my PC broke, and I missed the deadline to log in by 2 days and lost all my houses. I think I had enough gear in my 5 houses to supply an army and it was probably worth around 2 mil. Plus 1 mil cash. I couldn't be bothered to come back after losing this much. But nostalgia brought me here again. Yaay!
  9. Well, my bug report has been ignored for about a week now. 5 houses, 4 barrels of alcohol, most chests full of drugs and weapons. Worth maybe another million, who knows. And I am being ignored...
  10. Great. As if I have screenshots of 5 houses and chest contents. What am I supposed to do then? Literally 5 houses with chests full of MKs, Katibas drugs and other gear. I am a hoarder. They were all full.
  11. Same. I make sure I log on within 30 days. I am 100% sure I logged in in the last 2 weeks. 5 houses with chests full of weapons and drugs... all gone. What on earth?! I can't believe this. I checked all 4 servers. Nothing. Gone. It's not been 30 days!!
  12. Did you put a barrel in that house? I lost my chests and barrels on the top floor of one of my houses. They kept reappearing and disappearing until they finally went for good. Admins said they're aware of the issue and it's not uncommon at the moment.
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