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  1. my boy gas wit it
  2. When these boys out here talking about getting pussy on an arma thread
  3. NA>EU ill just call in my boy mikey and well put in that work
  4. Nuttyyy creds to me for song;)
  5. Cougar

    Im back;)

    Forgot to mention you honestly sorry my g there was so many names i could barely remember the few i put on but well have sum fun ass moments again<3 I used my 3rd eye to tell you to son u unadded me off steam:( you already knoooo big skeng shit *android 100 emoji* idk tbr but i have a feeling this is skrood so wassup babygirl wassup purple tip ur the one who got me perm banned on asylum and olympus
  6. Cougar

    Im back;)

    The most toxicest comin back bois @Nomadox @Fudger @House ;) Except im not really toxic any more but I missed everyone a lot and its been a long ass time talking to a lot of you guys so im glad af to be back.
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