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  1. o7 

  2. please post your app over there.
  3. APPLICATION FORMAT: In game name: ron Player ID: 76561198304850049\76561198411388033 [ two accounts] Hours on Arma 3 (screenshot required): 6000+ EU/NA: EU would like to join your gang for the fights and fun
  4. we just need the LT's to vote against him.
  5. Durga has been the worst cop ever. he abused the players on asylum and violated their civilian rights for many years. for now he's gone, but he might return, more angry and ready to abuse his power again. it's time to remove the threat and show to everyone that no-one can be above anyone else in this community or the guidebook. i would like to see the LT's demanding to demote durga from the position of a retired captain to at least sergeant so he will never be able to raid houses,blacklist innocnet players and violate our rights. it is the time to operate section F [ If a Captain becomes unpop
  6. yes, i'll send some screenshots later i removed one of the billboards on top of the gas station and the one on top of burger shop.
  7. i'll remove the burger billboard [on top of the burger shop]
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