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  1. Sounds fishy.. "The system is working flawlessly. Please use caution when using this feature." Makes it sound like there are problems and they don't want to deal with them.
  2. Chocolate with the vanilla in the middle between the chocolate
  3. -1 for id card -1/+1 for nlr, just depends on how it's implemented +1 for rdm/vdm bans -1 for strike system
  4. You got regearing fixes, that's something
  5. You mean that if you're on Tanoa with a box truck full of shit, you can go to a port and ferry your box truck to a different island where your house is?
  6. I caught a 470 Tauros thing yesterday
  7. I believe if you got shot you can fire back, but if you do then RP is initiated I believe. If you don't shoot back, then I believe it's RDM, unless you purposely stay in the way and get shot. Just an assumption, don't know for sure but it sounds right. @Leady@Jigawatt
  8. I've been playing this game nonstop..
  9. There was an argument a long time ago, it was declared Asylum Police Department.
  10. A long time ago I knew people that would make around 20 mil on their cadet week alone.. those days are long gone.
  11. I got that, I always just think that drawing would be free drawing, not drawing over a picture. That's all.
  12. So drawing is just taking the picture and drawing over it in a flat colors?
  13. I'd say no, but not up to me. But you'd probably get kicked from the server for being afk in lobby all the time.
  14. They have to give you enough time to respond, if they don't, just report them. Here's this too:
  15. Yeah happens to me sometimes (rarely), but it still happens and it sucks
  16. It's a miracle when you enjoy yourself while trying to have fun.
  17. Should have lethaled him for speeding so fast.. just my opinion
  18. He was more ways to catch people doing things they shouldn't.
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