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    Suicide Jets

    Ive been banned by most of them for VDM so you never know
  2. Rustmaan

    Suicide Jets

    In the comments of this amazing forums post, a suggestion was made by Ebola to add suicide jets. Adding the suicide jets along with a charge of 40k to keep it in line with the other explosive suicide items already present on the server, would allow for a lighter workload on the mod and admin staff as they wouldn't have to ban people for VDM all the time and would add a more immersive experience allowing players who like to roleplay as terrorists to fulfil their role play desires. #LegalizeVDM
  3. @Patatonow that's a development suggestion
  4. @Patatocan you open a poll on this thread in regards to #DeCriminalizingVDM ?
  5. Being as this is a role play server I feel as though we should be allowed to role play as terrorist. I am a proud graduate of the Flight School of Jihad, in which we are taught how to expertly pilot planes whilst in the air into buildings and helicopters. I feel as though players should not be banned for expertly role playing as such.
  6. Stop asap and get out (if in vehicle), hands up and scream repeatedly in direct DS ON TOP or die!
  7. Rustmaan

    asylum exchange

    It already does, you just have to click on the specific item your looking for and you can search for it
  8. Yeah I did I mean really all I want to be able to do is craft MXMs, the devs just get kinda sad when you give them a half baked idea
  9. Add a new skill tree (Crafting) under the Bounty Hunter honor system, names are not set in stone Arms Dealer (5,000) - Access to the MX and MXC, same as the other two skill tress. 1. Hot Topic (10,000) - Able to craft the MXM ( same recipe as the Car 95) - 1.1. Lock and load (25,000) Able to Craft MX (Katiba Recipe) - - 1.2. 1000 yard legend (50,000) Able to craft the AMS ( 2 glass, 2 rubber, 4 copper, 2 Heroin) 2. Terrible Shot (10,000) - Able to craft rubber MK200 mags ( 2 Rubber, 3 Cocaine) - 2.1 Reaper (25,000) - Able to Craft and use lethal MX mags (4 Cocaine, 2 Iron) - - 2.2 Bargain Shopper (50,000) - All crafting recipes cost 1 less material 3. Lee Harvey Oswald (75,000) - Able to Craft the MXM - Same Recipe as the MK 1 4. Crew Serve Weapon (100,000) - Able to craft the MXSW and 100 round non lethal magazines MXSW ( 4 Iron, 4 Heisenberg Meth, 6 Flawless Diamonds, 14 salt) 100 Round MXG Magazine ( 6 Rubber, 6 Weapons grade, 2 iron) Just a thought as to what a skill tree like this could look like, and it would give us access to weapons that are almost impossible to get on the server as of right now.
  10. I mean basically I just want them to at the least make things weigh 2 instead of 3 so there at least half way worth it, and add a good life time like OD King
  11. As another narcotic in the opiate family you replace heroin with fentanyl (2W) that sells for 550 like heroin. Then you add a purification option to make something like Tango & Crash or some other name, that sells for like 1100. You could also make a lifetime for Fentanyl production and call it Overdose King / OD King (Make 15000 Tango & Crash)
  12. 1. Either add in one of the jets from the base game with the thermals inside of the targeting pod enabled, or make it a purchasable option inside of the mod menu for say like 500k or more. It could add a really interesting dynamic into how you play cartels and other events like that, while also being expensive enough to make you think twice about weather its a worthwhile option. 2. It takes an ungodly amount of effort to steal a plane from someone and the only thing you can really do with it when you do is crash it. I feel like you should be able to chop stolen planes at the aircraft carrier rebel.
  13. Let us buy a church so we can set up a cult with a MLM scheme to go along with it.
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