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  1. That's what you get for snorting up all that coke.
  2. Camorra idiots making a mess of the forums again.
  3. Sorry but if you were in Camorra you can't claim you are good or argue on the Forums.
  4. we must rebel against the admins. im warning you guys, don't show up to Kavala Square tomorrow on Server 3. Everyone is about to be RDMed and the Chinese will finally be taken out.
  5. Who in their right mind lies about being in Camorra. You're just shooting yourself in the foot right there. It must suck to be terrible to stoop that low.
  6. No that was King Sueezy, I think ex-DF
  7. Now that the big gangs are slowly dwindling, the Chinese will soon rule the server. Hah, admins think they can ban them for breaking the rules, but you cut off the head of one and two more come back. Everybody will be RDMed, VDMed, and lag switched. Soon, cops, rebels and bounty hunters will be controlled by the Chinese as they quickly demolish with their monstrous horde of exploiters and dupers. You thought DF was bad, well good fucking luck, because the Chinese are about to ram your asshole with insane shots, locking onto heads with a swift F1. It's only a matter of time, we must all band together in these tough times to fend of the Chinese, before they slowly start corrupting the ranks of the APD and become admins. MAGA Make Asylum Great Again.
  8. @hamsham the idea of artifact weapons does suck in PvP, but I think they are trying to balance that with the honor talents and prestige system. as for the 2 million health pools, not sure if Blizzard can even squish numbers any more (not sure to be honest), because if they squish too much lower level numbers start becoming so small they are decimals. I completely agree PvP is bulky, espeically with the new animations and lack of situational spells. you 100% still require gear for mythic. you can't clear HFC mythic in boosted green gear. you need at least 720 iLVL from heroic before going into mythic. who gives a fuck about LFR, that's for the damn casuals to only see the progression. raid progression is honestly the same for mythic and original vanilla raids. Nax pretty sure was cleared in 3 months by the best PvE guild, and HFC took about 1 months and a week by Method. not that big of a difference if you look at the size of the raids. and RNG? you mean buggy ass vanilla raid mechanics. yeah PVP has turned to shit, BC was fun IMO because every class was balanced. Every expansion was terrible in terms of balance, actually WoD feels pretty balanced compared to MoP, Cata and WoTLK
  9. partly due to the internet and access of information, everything was hard back then because no one knew what the fuck to do, you had to learn from other players how to accomplish things. Barely any youtube guides, no wowhead, no wow wiki, nothing to help you, you had to rely on players in game. Now all you have to do is watch Youtube videos of Mythic HFC to raid and instantly do good.
  10. PvP honestly ended after BC, BC arena seasons were the most fun. as for legion I've been playing the Beta, and honestly it's been great so far. The artifact weapons resemble the old talent trees, and most of the old talents look really situational so thank fucking good there isn't going to be a fucking cookie cutter build that everyone is forced to play or else perform like siht. PvP looks revamped with the new prestige system but they seriously need to bring back world PvP. I've been raid testing and the raids are butt fucking hard, but that's probably cause it's a pug. They should honestly try to do something like Throne of Thunder or Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj where the whole server has to progress to unlock the raid. Sure, WoW will never be Vanilla ever again, but at least they are trying to damage control WoD and make gains.
  11. Catacylsm was the worst, I guess you could say the next expansion MoPped up the shit from before.
  12. lol MoP was second best to BC, WoTLK was the start of the death of WoW. IMO of course.
  13. Man, the APD are headless chickens even on the forums!
  15. john_gotti

    APD Rant

    I swear I've seen this topic like 100 times.
  16. haven't seen the MK200 since old FSA... nice.
  17. I swear these idiots on the forums take bait so easily
  18. Well William, I think you summed up your own video on a previous thread.
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