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  1. Thanks homies, not sure why the old option still exists, but i appreciate yall @Ryan. @Innate .
  2. You aint the only, might wanna get checked out.
  3. Sounds great except for losing half the player base on the actually life server.
  4. Been hella busy, playing more music gigs, running my business and seriously missing the good times on asylum. For now ill be back at it and look forward to seeing yall round altis.
  5. Sexually sure, in terms of uniformity in my favorite toxic video game, Emm?
  6. Hi there, love the UFO addition however, being a player on asylum since 2015, there is some confusion in regards to the pink (not red) wording on the map. I did read the patch log, and it does say it is an illegal area (which would make sense for cops to raid it), but nothing about redzone or KOS. If its a redzone why the fuck wouldn't it be red, Why would there be a single redzone that is not red, but pink. It is misleading especially for those who are newer and haven't a clue about the forums or patch notes. I can see wanting to make it a special color but it clearly should be red if its a red zone. I went out there yesterday unarmed, because its fucking pink, not red. @Mitch (IFRIT) please shed some light on this, thanks! If it is a redzone, can we get it red? super stoked with all other aspects of the hard work the admins must be putting in, cheers!
  7. the amount of irfrits in this video is fucking ridiculous! p.s nice shooting
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