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  2. decent kills, trash music!
  3. Spinal Bifida Leaders SuperfarvaOG | Lore | Fronky | Mr. Muttley Requirements - Must be willing to partake in gang activities (Cartels, turfs, events, etc.). - You must know how to efficiently make money, or be willing to learn. - You must be active in Discord. Application Format In-game name - Age - Time zone - Screenshot of Arma 3 hours - Screenshot of Asylum hours (from My Asylum) - Bank Balance - Previous Gangs (if any) - APD/AFD Rank (if any) - Can anyone in the gang vouch for you? - Our members have played Arma 3 for a long time. We know all aspects of the game. This gang enjoys cartels, turfs, rebel drops, events, as well as farming money together. If you are looking to join a fun, sarcastic, adult gang, Spinal Bifida may be for you. We appreciate your time in reading our post and regardless we wish you the absolute best of luck in Asylum Life, cheers! If accepted, Discord will be sent in a PM.
  4. Fuck the APD! you know my body! `
  5. Exactly, maybe some people wanna fight for the leader boards, i dunno. What's the point of money if you cant spend it, or not, how the fuck you see fit. I've played several thousands of hours on this server/servers, been here since 2015, its my fucking money, if your jealous there is a solution, put in some god damn hours, and grind your balls off, People who have busted there god damn asses getting cash should not be punished PERIOD! any one bitching about people with more cash them the, prolly does it in the real world also so, FUCK YOU POOR BASTARDS, stop being lazy and do werk!
  6. And that is why this is the greatest Life server period!
  7. its 45k there was zero warning about the upgrade alone (zero pcs') raising the cost 120k. its not about affording anything in my opinion. Its about grind to fun ratio. Anyone who has a house has grinded for it in some aspect. Anyone who has stocked there house full of weapons has grinded in some aspect. Anyone who has accumulated cash has grinded in some aspect. The point being, we have all grinded for what we have, we shouldn't have to grind to keep it, or use it (aside from the normal vehicle pull fee.) I see nothing wrong for charging an electric bill (within reason) for those who are actively mining crypto. I just do not see the logic behind charging us for all that we already grinded. There has not been a housing problem. There is always a house to buy for new players etc. Maybe not the house they want but no one start in paradise.
  8. I personally am not upset at the speed the miners obtain crypto, because i haven't assembled any PC's, and IRL miners don't make you rich over night. However they don't break down over night either. So clearly the maintenance aspect needs major changes. I assumed the crypto aspect would be a constant tweak for the staff. I did go ahead and buy the upgrade to have it ready for the future. I have some cash in the bank and its not at all an issue to pay asked amount of 162k.. 162k ?????????????? to access the shit i already grinded for? I have zero PC's. I try not to bitch on the forums often but my god. I could see maybe 10k tops for an electric bill. In what fucking part of the world does anyone pay anywhere close to 160k bill for a single family home. Its just so random and ridiculous. I can believe nothing other than the programmer, or lead to the programmer was high or drunk while dialing in the figures regarding the bills, to many zeros. Should be no more than a 4 figure in my opinion. All we can do know is voice our concerns and see what the team will do. Maybe they want out the money hoarders, or maybe they have completely other plans. All i know is i cant see my self paying that even once. This is a bummer.
  9. Damn they were on a roll, then this. This is the Absolute worst thing that has ever happened to this server. I got cash and i refuse to pay, they want $161k for a single house with the upgrade but zero PC's. I didn't earn my cash to blow it to access the items ive already grinded for. Till this is fixed ill just be pistol banging. this comment in no way supports or acknowledges DS. But Billy beat me to it! gg
  10. https://my.gaming-asylum.com/profile/search?pid=76561198352678144 Little proud boy here. AFD Assistant Chief - this is a fucking laugh This is cute
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