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  1. Skipping the other 3 pages of replies, but Rick brings up a good conversation point as usual. There have been no meaningful (content) patches in a long while due to the way our development process is set up. Every change that affects gameplay must be passed through Paratus, who is basically no longer involved in the day to day of Asylum. @Gnashes (and I, to a lesser degree) are the only two that consistently contribute to the Asylum codebase anymore. And with the 64bit update, I'm no longer able to contribute due to the dev server being essentially unusable. The fact of the matter is that we have fallen behind on development due to the inability for us to add new content without first passing it through Paratus, which takes an unreasonable amount of time; we are no longer the #1 most developed life server as a result. So yes, due to the lack of support from Asylum's owner, as well as @Gnashes essentially being the only one contributing code at this point, I think it is fair to say that Asylum is in fact on its way out.
  2. It's ok to admit to yourself that nobody knows who you are and you're not as important as you think you are.
  3. I've thought about doing something like this and adding an actual purpose for the drug enforcement slot, I'm just not sure how it would pan out with cop rules and such. Don't want to make it too easy or too unfair. Also, there's the whole thing with house storage being a shit show...
  4. It actually isn't. It would only take about 5 minutes to do, but nobody except @Paratus currently has access.
  5. speed

    SAT Scores

    People that want to do things with their lives instead of spending their free time being an asshole on a gaming forum.
  6. Paratus is vehemently opposed to adding the Blackfish (admins aren't even allowed to spawn it for fun, iirc) I wouldn't mind having some more jets added though.
  7. speed

    Thanks Speed!

    Thanks, but @Gnashes does most of the work I just chip in when I have time.
  8. Was not necessarily directed towards you. 99% of admin applications contain some version of "I owned/was an admin for X server". I only chose gmod because you mentioned it in the OP.
  9. Nobody is roasting you. You asked why we don't implement something, and we responded by explaining how our system works, and why your idea doesn't really fit into it.
  10. It's not even remotely the same. In an animal shelter, you take care of helpless animals that otherwise would not have a chance in life and work to ensure that they get placed with a loving family. As an Asylum admin, you deal with entitled children that think that their issues are more important than anyone else's, players that can't seem to figure out how not to be assholes, developers that don't tell you anything, etc. And in return, the only thing you get is having the game's fun ruined for you. It just so happens that those with careers and families tend to be more trustworthy than a 15 year old kid that runs a gmod server on the side. And the result is that people don't walk around Asylum worrying about killing an admin and getting banned.
  11. Things that don't involve modifying the database, hours of work for minimal return, or modifying systems we have no control over.
  12. So truthfully something like this wouldn't be too difficult to implement. The problem is thinking of a way to do it that isn't basically the same thing as every other event. Most of our events right now boil down to the same thing. A group of rebels hold out in a building and wait for the timer to run down while defending from cops. If we were going to do something like this, I'd prefer to see something a little more involved and less reliant on cops being the one assaulting. If you have any good ideas, let me know and I can run them by the devs for approval and start working on it.
  13. And then every rebel demands clean money as a condition for the hostage's release because they don't want to deal with the extra work/risk involved. Not worth the effort, in my opinion.
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