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  1. u are a joke, its a dead server currently.
  2. How much for the drone?
  3. happy that you didn't become the owner.
  4. Chewbacca


    one of the few reasons why i'm done playing this sever at this point. i won't even bother wasting my time to write a IA report.
  5. you're going to once your country turns in a third world country.
  6. remove the fences, no borders are needed, please and thank you. now i can bring my amigos over.
  7. i hope i never encounter you flying a chopper, you are bad.
  8. ur a cop u should know better.
  9. good rp now u need a mexican for side work.
  10. alright kid find me and deport me.
  11. you need to fix ur facts, mr wikipedia boy
  12. i dont give a fuck about this, fix the server thats all i care.
  13. you need to go to editing school kid.
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