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  1. DreamC

    Wizard 101

    Shit I played this so much, I was so proud of my castle and pets.
  2. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/ A site like this could be useful for you, in general do a good bit of research and make sure your parts are compatible, putting one together isn't hard at all. Also how high end you want to go really depends on your budget and what games you want to play.
  3. Playing a lil bit occasionally atm. And I love that you remember that I still have the video lol
  4. Australia was pretty fun for a bit, I think the overall problem is the asylum community will play it for a little while and it'll just die off when everyone decides to back to normal (still can be fun) but that seems to be what usually happens with that stuff.
  5. That was some great editing but you forgot to include the squeaker yelling "Hands uh" and then rooking you, don't want to set their expectations too high ya know.
  6. Holy shit I thought my game looked bad
  7. I love the quiet "I'm still aliveee" at the end lol
  8. DreamC

    Convoy Event

    I would've liked it more if rebels got some free loadouts towards the end, people just stopped showing up.
  9. I've literally never understood hackers on Arma, like I almost get the blatant give everyone a million and mass kill the server people. But the ones with aimbot and pull downs that shit talk in side chat all day I just don't understand, do they need the ego boost that badly?
  10. I haven't played in months and this is the greatest thing I've seen in weeks.
  11. DreamC


    I can and will good sir.
  12. DreamC


    I am both disgusted by everyone's taste, and upset that I've watched most of them. Especially you @Tyler Especially you.
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