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  1. You do bring up a good point with this statement. Why not add back HVT so ppl can have a chance to explain themselves.
  2. KrazyKnight

    Gang Base V2

    Can I get more clarification on two gang bases? Would they be both the same in reward value, or would one gang fort have more amenities than the other? How would that increase activity if they're the same in terms of rewards? If anything, if they're the same and only two gangs are going at gang fort, why not just sit at your own claimed base with zero risk or engagement?
  3. Sounds like you're coming from a place that's called a skill issue my friend.
  4. That's some hunger games type situation right there
  5. If anything, make it so it rotates. Though I'm currently happy with it as is imo.
  6. RuneScape dueling is back boys
  7. If anything he's more declawed at this stage.
  8. That's a cute movie dude
  9. @Mitch (IFRIT) Have your views changed on this since 2020? I'm actually curious in a funny way.
  10. This I like a lot. Would make going to prison slightly more enjoyable tbh.
  11. So you can stand in it and cry.
  12. who's getting demoted this time?
  13. Honestly, I got one of the packages that would give you a car, so I was down bad and dropped 50 for a game that never came into existence outside of Townsquare. It was a good lesson, though, tempering expectations and not backing Kickstarter projects since it's a risky venture to begin with.
  14. I donated to that game when I got my first bonus check when I was working for my first job. feels bad
  15. Second this. If you're aware that a spot is too hot, don't go to it and pick another spot. New players need to learn/work together.
  16. Yeah that one went over my head 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  17. I thought rdm didn't apply if they're in the same group. Unless I'm mistaken of course.
  18. This. Happened to me last night going up side stairs of bank. Could of blown someone's head off but nope stuck.
  19. Please make it so that you can walk through them if possible. Holy shit it's SOOOO FUCKING ANNOYING. Thanks.
  20. The pre-rolls is true. However, the bad side is the smoke that gives you away. If you're going up against an experienced player, you'll be the most likely to die first, tbh. Something to consider if you're going to do that.
  21. I feel as if this is more of a skill issue. Keep your eyes open and don't tunnel vision and you should be fine if your group is competent.
  22. Tbh just leave out the ability to buy lockpicks portion of this and it would be some interesting bit of content.
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