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  1. Well since y’all are talkin about it now.. i dont think its an exploit to walk up those walls. It’d be like banning someone for climbing the rocks in Kavala. They both work the same way. They’re both climbable because they aren’t 90 degree inclines. Put actual walls in.
  2. Thanks to admin gang for nearly blowing us up, and thanks to mustached Leggo for the status update
  3. Just listen to this guy throughout the video
  4. Honestly the only issue i see with lockup is that the APD spawn in the open, which makes them a prime target for CEO taru hunting parties XD I feel the only fix needed is to spawn them in cover. If they get that, they get to spawn inside and not die immediately. The loot from lockup is laughable most of times, unless maybe it’s a new gang looking to get a couple free MK1’s. I was actually surprised they disabled lockup.
  5. Honestly I think this sort of thing is needed to counter toxic city rats that down and restrain people just to make them rage quit. It’s perfectly regulated as well since only Cpl+ can revoke for a whole restart. The whole update nerfing the BH’s is because of the toxic players that abuse it. 1 mil cap is only available to the APD as far as i know. BH’s are still stuck at the 175k cap, though i think it would be cool to find a way to let legitimate hunters exceed that cap. It does kinda suck that we have lower quality gear, but we also have access to things that can balance ou
  6. Initiation on asylum persists through death for 5 minutes
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FuNQdEEK9Bw&feature=youtu.be All subjects were restrained and processed
  8. I agree, quillins are way too overpriced. It’s a better investment to just buy a hunter or ifrit for better protection. If they just decreased the price, perhaps more people would use the quillin rather than the ifrit and there would be significantly less problems with mass groups of ifrits rolling around.
  9. I can see your frustration with being able to transport, but it really comes down to prioritizing. Your goal should be to get a target to a skiptracer immediately and without stopping. The longer you have them with you, the higher risk you take. You also have to look at it from their perspective as well. Would you find being in restraints for 10 minutes kind of annoying? Wouldn’t you find it even more annoying if it was for longer? Then there’s also the problem of people that abuse bounty hunter, which is the reason bounty hunters got nerfed in the first place. There are a lot of rats on the s
  10. Does anybody have a list of clothing and vest armor values for Asylum? I've been trying to figure out if the Granit-B suit has the same armor value as the Urban CSAT. And do the other CSAT variants have more or less armor?
  11. In Game Name: Matty Skirata Hours on Arma (please provide screenshot): 3026 https://ibb.co/NLdvkWs Previous gangs: Genesys (yes i'm ancient and rolled with trolls) Previous bans, be specific: None I can remember Why do you want to be on BLS?: Looking for large gang to roll with so I can snatch some rebels to throw in cages. Kill other rebels too. Maybe cops. As long as somebody suffers
  12. In-game name: Matty Age: 21 Hours in-game(screenshot) : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=916374361 Previous gangs: N/A Are you a cop: Yes Why do you want to join this gang: Rolling with you guys in-game, love the way you guys are rolling together as bounty hunters. Been looking for a group for the longest time. Doing a group now (4/30/2017) @ 11.27 AM EST with AxHa, Mac, Indigo Wookie, Lightning, Evan Anderson, and Lord Nelson Tell us 3 things you are good at in-game: 1. Bounty hunting - I'm a fuckin warrior. 2. Roleplay - been doing RP shit f
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