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  1. In-game name : Jewish Freeloader Hours on Arma 3 ( screenshot required ) :https://gyazo.com/d781600ad2e77352f9f31ab54bf9cebc How active will you be per week? (ss of past 2 weeks) : I'm active when I have a gang Previous Gangs : bbnb - 999 NA/EU? : NA Anyone in the gang that will vouch for you?: no
  2. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @Ken. @bbgreg17
  3. I think your retarded, and you dont even use the teamspeak ur not afd or apd. SIT ON A CONE QUEER.
  4. sorry you "suggestion" is dogshit and worthless.
  5. no, stop crying captain promoted corporal. Just get better at the game and it will fix all of you're problems.
  6. log sniffer mayhem will catch you sir
  7. you have too much time on ur hands sir please once again, go outside
  8. fuck I dont have donor 10 yet gotta wait till next time I guess.
  9. 120 ping and they still shit on you somehow.
  10. personally I would break my keyboard if I got downed during a dom
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