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  1. Damn how could you miss such an easy shot! Embarrassing, better gamer wins.
  2. Steve with the clutch and pocket full of nades gj mate
  3. Danny


    The fact is, that you BH in large group, so you should expect the hate If you remember JAILED you know what I mean - they have not been large group, but they been god damn effective
  4. Danny


    They fly orca with ~9 people in it and they crash on daily basis trying to hotdrop cartels - making them loose 2 orcas and 20 loadouts is not an achievement my man
  5. Danny


    Just wait for them to hotdrop orca on you - they will most likely kill themselves
  6. You can't be serious. How in the world is it not a clear intent if someone hides inside broken wall with a gun waiting for somebody to run past him so he can peek his gun through and shoot him in the back? Back in the day the interpretation was like this: If you just poke ur gun up and shoot - ban. If you crouch or stand up revealing yourself and then shoot - you are good.
  7. I think what u r describing is more like developement issue than anything else - if it's possible to track logs from title-changed names and connect them with PID, situation that u describe would not be an issue.
  8. That is actually quite clever idea. Don't know if this is possible to hide player's name and replace it with title (someone smarter than me in a3 developement should give his/her opinion here). If this is possible it would change a world in undercover operations. There will be issues regarding tylda key, binos etc. (I don't think they show titles, only raw playername) but I am sure someone can come up with solution? I love the idea, can we have second opinion from dev team? @Jesse
  9. Nooo, my sneaky text from Kavala for gang member who wanna rob someone at heroin field super secret strat will be ruined!
  10. I knew someone would bring this up, was thinking about the same thing when I was posting my reply, but I decided to wait and see other opinions To be honest I don't really think this would be a big issue, you have to remember that this is a federal event, granted it's easy to do for a group of rebels, but how many of these we have nowadays? I don't think any of the "major" gangs who are still around would go through the trouble to make some bounty hunters happy (especially that most of major groups that are still around have staff members in their groups who keep an eye out and prevent them from stupid rule breaking), and scrubs who would want to abuse it are not really capable of succeeding imho. Think about it this way - is it easy to hit 1 mil bounty? No. Is it time consuming? Yes. Can you abuse bounty mechanics and bounty boost to turn yourself in to a friend? Sure you can. Do people get banned for that? Yes, staff has tools to deal with this problem. So would they not be able to deal with this new way of bounty boosting that would be quite hard to pull off anyways? I believe in them being cappable of dealing with it If not keeping your bounty, what would be other reason to bring purpouse to prison break event? I mean, keeping your bounty makes sense, if you run away from prison irl do your charges drop and if captured you go back in only for escaping prison?
  11. I was just chilling with my trusty go-kart, getting them tires warm for the race, when I met these lovely people who tried to prank me. I don't think it went as planned... Special thanks to @Midamaru for his amazing editing skills
  12. That's why I mentioned that it is another reason to initiate a prison break, but I am not the fan of it, right?
  13. I like the idea of doing something to prison to bring a reason to do that other than just bunker yourself inside and kill cops trying to push it. Now prison break is just a thing to force APD to fight for a few minutes until they give up throwing 2 lives - rebels have no real outcome of the event. You hardly ever see cops giving up after 2 waves at fed, 'cause they know if APD gives up rebels will have gold for free. Keeping in mind what I said above and think about this: is keeping your bounty a reason for cops to care about prison break? Or actually APD will more likely sabotage the fight and be more happy to loose it so they can get another paycheck from the guy who got out? Don't know about that, but keeping your bounty is the only real reason I see to do the prison break apart of just pointless shooting each other. On the other hand prison break against large group of rebels is very dificult for APD to win, so if prisoner who escaped keeps his bounty that would be an opportunity for cops to receive reward for the fight. Other idea would be that if you exceed X $ bounty you get max prison time with no ability to press plates - that would be a reason for gangs to break their friends out so they won't waste 45 minutes of afk gameplay. - I don't really like this idea but just throwing it out there, that's another reason to do a prison break.
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