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  1. Did I wake forums warriors? Could you please go back to your home topic for more shitstorm? @DS_Billy take him back to your topic please, it seems he got lost.
  2. Here, put this on next time u get out of your house to touch some grass (if it ever happens that is):
  3. In Game Name: Danny Tapper Age: 32 Are you a member of the APD (rank): Constable (former Corporal) Have you been banned on Asylum? If so how long and what for?: Don't think I have ever been banned. Any previous Gangs: SpaceTurtles and a bunch more that I don't remember
  4. Damn how could you miss such an easy shot! Embarrassing, better gamer wins.
  5. Steve with the clutch and pocket full of nades gj mate
  6. Danny


    The fact is, that you BH in large group, so you should expect the hate If you remember JAILED you know what I mean - they have not been large group, but they been god damn effective
  7. Danny


    They fly orca with ~9 people in it and they crash on daily basis trying to hotdrop cartels - making them loose 2 orcas and 20 loadouts is not an achievement my man
  8. Danny


    Just wait for them to hotdrop orca on you - they will most likely kill themselves
  9. You can't be serious. How in the world is it not a clear intent if someone hides inside broken wall with a gun waiting for somebody to run past him so he can peek his gun through and shoot him in the back? Back in the day the interpretation was like this: If you just poke ur gun up and shoot - ban. If you crouch or stand up revealing yourself and then shoot - you are good.
  10. I think what u r describing is more like developement issue than anything else - if it's possible to track logs from title-changed names and connect them with PID, situation that u describe would not be an issue.
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